Venegas also reported that area hospitals are getting overwhelmed "because they’re helping a lot of these migrants."

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Who Does The FBI Work For?

What the FBI is claiming is mind-boggling

North Korean diplomat raises possibility of talks

According to Kye, North Korea is prepared to hold such negotiations with the U.S. at "anytime".

Facing disciplinary action...

Arkansas bar to decide on potential discipline against Hillary Clinton.

How the Senate can begin to undo the damage of Obamacare in the AHCA

Obamacare produced escalating premiums and higher deductibles. It also reduced access to insurers and providers.

Pelosi faces growing doubts among Dems

Some Democrats want to replace Pelosi atop their caucus.

A brutal North Korean Crime that must not be forgotten

Otto Warmbier was an American kid who made one foolish mistake, one that should not have cost him his life.

Why the Government Fails at Welfare

The leviathan created by the modern welfare state is one of the gravest threats facing the American republican system.

Clinton probe continues?

State Department probes Clinton handling of government emails, could pull her security clearance.

Eric Holder considers 2020 Run

Former Attorney General Eric Holder is planning to get more involved publicly in politics.

Business Tax Reform First

Most Americans pay more in payroll taxes (for Social Security and Medicare) than they do in income taxes.

How big is their role?

Big Pharma to be investigated for their role in Opioid Crisis.

Guess who wiped out a key clause?

Americans who have read our Constitution might recall the words saying that state governments may not “impair the obligation of contracts.”

The real reason Zuckerberg supports a Universal Basic Income

What Zuckerberg champions will not free the masses, it will exploit them for political gain.

The Supreme Court Offers a Warning on Free Speech

The justices argue they're saving would-be censors from themselves.

Senate Obamacare Repeal Vote could happen as soon as next week

If the legislation makes it through the upper chamber, it will be returned to the House for another vote.