Texas farmers ask judge to block USDA from doling out disaster aid based on race or gender

“When natural disasters strike, they don’t discriminate based on race and sex. Neither should the Department of Agriculture,” request fr fede

Gretchen Whitmer faces backlash after offering landlords $500 to rent to illegal immigrant 'newcomers'

Democrat Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is receiving backlash after offering landlords a "newcomer rental subsidy" to house illegal immigrant

TikToker encourages illegal aliens to find vacant homes and become squatters: 'We can seize it!'

A TikTok video from a Venezuelan immigrant went mega-viral after he encouraged illegal aliens to find vacant homes and become squatters.

Biden’s treasury sec Janet Yellen says she ‘regrets’ saying inflation was ‘transitory’

“It has come down, but I think transitory means a few weeks or months to most people.”

Companies Increasingly Turning To Cheap Foreign Labor As Rising Costs Take Their Toll

Business owners are increasingly utilizing foreign labor to meet their working needs as sky-high inflation pushes up the costs of business.

Thousands of AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile Customers Hit By Cellular Outage Across America, Sparking Fears of a Possible Cyber Attack

Tens of thousands of cell phone users have experienced outages this morning for their home phone, internet, and mobile phone services.

'Every American should be scared to death' as Chinese nationalists at border hits high: Congressman

'We've had mass waves of Chinese terrorists storming military installations with cameras. So look, it's a desperate threat,' says the chairma

Migrant meal madness: Taxpayers foot $64 daily tab for illegal aliens

The growing price tag of the migrant crisis strikes again. The vendors are charging the state, and the state is passing on the expenses to th

Gas prices to rise back to $4.35 a gallon, Goldman Sachs forecasts

Gasoline prices are set to rise back to roughly $4.35 per gallon by the end of the year, Goldman Sachs analysts said in a report.

Meet The 40 New Covid Billionaires

The richest of these new billionaires is Li Jianquan, the president of Chinese medical products manufacturer Winner Medical, which ramped up 

Consumer Prices Surged Much Higher Than Expected in June

Consumer prices surged by much more than expected in June.

Inflation Hits Highest Level Since 1979

Super-charged inflationary pressures continued to gain steam in June, the Philadelphia Fed’s manufacturing survey showed Thursday.

US consumer prices jumped 5% in May, fastest pace since 2008, sparking more inflation concerns

The Labor Department reported Thursday the U.S. consumer price index grew at the fastest annual rate in nearly 13 years, since the 2008 econo

U.S. Recovery Falls Short Again In May

U.S. recovery falls short and misses expectations by more than 100,000 jobs.

Cryptocurrency miners pull out of China amid Beijing crackdown

Cryptocurrency mining operators are shutting down aspects of their China operations after Beijing promised a “severe” crackdown on the growin

Pending Home Sales Plunged More Than 10% in February

Pending home sales dropped far more than expected in February as the supply of homes on the market fell swiftly and home prices soared, data

Investors Bet on Higher Inflation

On the menu today: the reflation, mortgage rates rise, Deliveroo’s IPO, and a look at equity duration during a pandemic. To sign up for the C

Bitcoin Hits Another All-Time High — $50,000

Bitcoin (BTC) sold for over $50,000 in Tuesday morning trading, another all-time high in its latest bull run.

Tesla makes huge investment in Bitcoin

Tesla, Inc., the brainchild of entrepreneur Elon Musk, made a big splash Monday morning with a securities filing announcing that the company