A small group of Canadian entrepreneurs is set to turn Obama’s colorful history and Hawaiian's culture into a small fortune.

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Obama’s Legacy: Empowering Iran And Russia

The Middle East has always been unstable, but Obama, in his ineptitude, made it more unstable.

42% of Americans are at risk of retiring broke

Nearly half of Americans have less than $10,000 stashed away for retirement, according to a report by GoBankingRates...

'Mister Rogers' Neighborhood' castmate says beloved TV host was the real deal

It really was a beautiful day in the neighborhood for those who’ve worked with Fred Rogers, lovingly known as “Mister Rogers” by generations

Is the tail wagging the dog again?

2020 Dems pose a big dilemma for Schumer

Wait, Obama Inspired WHAT, WHERE??

A small group of Canadian entrepreneurs is set to turn Obama’s colorful history and Hawaiian's culture into a small fortune.

The GOP’s Internet Tax

Some Republicans want to stuff a state sales web tax in the omnibus.

California names illegal alien to statewide appointment

California’s Senate leader says an attorney and immigrant rights activist is the first person living in the country illegally to be named to

Dave Brat: Larry Kudlow ‘Is Going to Be a Breath of Fresh Air’ in the White House

Newly tapped National Economic Council chairman Larry Kudlow “is going to be a breath of fresh air” in the WH.

Republican Lawmaker Pushes Tax-Per-Mile To Replace Gas Tax

Americans love their cars. The United States has one of the highest car ownership rates per capita in the world. We're a mobile culture and w

Shaquille O'Neal's solution for safer schools is more cops; says gun ban not the answer

O'Neal, an honorary officer himself, thinks that police need more funding...

In warning for Trump, Democrat claims too-close-to-call Pennsylvania vote

Democrats hope a win will boost their momentum as they try to pick up the 24 seats they need to gain control in November.

Cherokee genealogist casts doubt on Elizabeth Warren's story of parents' elopement

Massachusetts paper calls on Sen. Warren to take DNA test.

‘Where is Ivanka?’ First daughter seeks control in dual role as White House aide

Ivanka Trump is in the unique position of being both the president’s daughter and an official White House adviser.

Trump dramatically FIRES Rex Tillerson on Twitter without telling him personally

Dramatic morning tweet by the president announces that Rex Tillerson has been fired.

GOP seeks to stave off big Dem upset

Recent internal RNC polls have Saccone closing the gap on Lamb and now trailing by just 1 point.

Protests to await Trump’s visit to California border

Trump will visit eight towering prototypes for the wall on Tuesday.

President Trump heads to California to view Border Wall prototypes

California here he comes! Trump will head to state he loves to hate as he inspects border-wall prototypes and headlines Beverly Hills fundrai

Republicans wage 11th-hour blitz in Pa. special election

Republicans mounted a last-ditch stand here to save their struggling candidate for a House seat deep in the heart of Trump country...

Elon Musk: Mars spaceship will be ready for short trips by first half of 2019

The billionaire said SpaceX is on track to send his Mars-intended rocket on short trips by 2019, but joked about potentially missing the time