Attendees of a “high-profile Democrat wedding” stalked, harassed, and physically assaulted guests of an event hosted by Women for America First at the Willard Hotel in Washington, DC, on Saturday, the pro-Trump group alleged in a press release issued late Monday evening.

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Fauci makes admission to Rand Paul about COVID boosters for young kids

At a Senate committee hearing, Dr. Anthony Fauci saidthere is "not enough data" to show whether COVID-19 booster shots lowered death or hospi

Meet The 40 New Covid Billionaires

The richest of these new billionaires is Li Jianquan, the president of Chinese medical products manufacturer Winner Medical, which ramped up 

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LifeSite Contributing Editor, Claire Chretien, sits down with Political Media CEO Larry Ward to discuss the recent gubernatorial election in

No more excuses. It’s time to return to school in person, full time

Educators in many parts of the country are now eligible for the coronavirus vaccine, which should mean one thing: No more excuses. It’s time

What is ‘Disease X’? COVID experts warn it could cause deadlier pandemic

The World Health Organization keeps a short list of “priority diseases” that could cause the next deadly pandemic.

Professor no longer in the classroom after allegedly forcing Christian students to fund Planned Parenthood

Michigan State University student Nathan Barbieri said 'We're supposed to expose the bad things that happen and not just sit back and… be abu

Ted Cruz makes AOC regret snarky comment about history of US political parties: 'Dem party founded the KKK'

Rep. Alexandria Ocaiso-Cortez (D-N.Y.) received more than she bargained for on Tuesday after prompting Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) with a snarky

COVID vaccine injury victims sue Biden officials, alleging they’ve been victimized by censorship

Google and Facebook suppressed vaccine-injury testimony before FDA and Senate, suit claims. Based in part on legal discovery in Missouri and

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey tweets image of JFK, advocates for abolition of CIA, NSA, FBI

“Splinter the CIA, NSA, and FBI into a thousand pieces and scatter them into the winds.”

‘People Have Every Right To Consider It’: Hillary Clinton Admits Joe Biden’s Age An ‘Issue’ For 2024 Campaign

President Joe Biden being 80 years old may present an “issue” in his reelection campaign, 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said Su

W.H.O. Chief Tedros Warns of Possible Disease Deadlier than Coronavirus

The threat of another deadly pathogen emerging with even more catastrophic potential than the Chinese coronavirus cannot be ruled out in the

Trump’s Truth Social files $3.78 billion defamation suit against Washington Post

Washington Post acted with ‘actual malice and reckless disregard for the truth,' according to suit

Trump-Supporting Women Allegedly Abused at D.C. Event, Called ‘Nazis,’ ‘C**ts’

Attendees of a “high-profile Democrat wedding” stalked, harassed, and physically assaulted guests of an event hosted by Women for America Fir

Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein blackmailed Bill Gates, threatened to expose affair with very young Russian woman: report

Gates allegedly entered into an affair with the woman in 2010 after meeting her at a bridge tournament

NAACP Leader Tells Black Americans That Florida Isn’t Safe For Them. Guess Where He Lives

The NAACP Board of Directors issued a statement on Saturday warning black Americans that the state of Florida was not a safe place for them a

FBI Suddenly Dropped Four Investigations Into Hillary and Bill Clinton Ahead of 2016 Election: Durham Report

The FBI suddenly dropped FOUR investigations into Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation ahead of the 2016 election, according to the Dur

Mayor Eric Adams: Nearly Half of NYC Hotel Rooms Now Filled with Migrants

Nearly half of hotel rooms in New York City today are filled with newly arrived border crossers and illegal aliens, living rent-free at the e

School district that removed sexually explicit books sued by publisher, authors

A book publisher, authors, and two parents joined a lawsuit filed on Wednesday against a Florida school district for its decision to remove s

Florida Governor DeSantis to enter presidential race next week

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis will officially enter the 2024 U.S. presidential race next week, according to two sources familiar w