President Trump's spy chief repeatedly shot down claims by Democrats such as House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff that the purported emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop published by the New York Post were part of a Russian disinformation effort.

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Former Hunter Biden Partner Tony Bobulinski Meeting with Senate Investigators to Turn Over Information

Former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski announced Thursday that he would turn over three of his personal cell phone devices for

Delta reports $5.4 billion net loss in third quarter

Delta Air Lines announced Tuesday a net loss of $5.38 billion in the third quarter, or a $6.9 billion pre-tax loss, and said improvements in

Louisville Braces For Riots Ahead Of Breonna Taylor Decision, Mayor Declares State Of Emergency

Democratic Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer issued an executive order declaring a state of emergency Tuesday, on the heels of the Louisville Met

DEMINT: How A Big Blue Lie Fueled A Summer Of Riots

Protestors protest for lots of reasons – against injustice, to give a voice to the voiceless, or to speak truth to power.

Exclusive — ‘This is China, Inc.’: Emails Reveal Hunter Biden’s Associates Helped Communist-Aligned Chinese Elites Secure White House Meetings

Newly obtained emails from a Hunter Biden business partner lay out in detail how the Vice President’s son and his colleagues used their acces

Twitter caves and reverses policies on NY Post story ban after furious backlash

They are changing policies on banning content on Twitter

Cruz says Judiciary to subpoena Twitter CEO next week over Biden stories

Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz said Thursday that the Senate Judiciary Committee will vote next Tuesday on whether to issue a subpoena to Twitter CE

Twitter Suspends Trump Campaign Account over Video Citing NY Post Hunter Biden Report

Twitter suspended the Trump campaign’s account on Thursday for attempting to tweet out a video calling Joe Biden a “liar” and citing leaked e

Senate Judiciary Committee Sets Date For Vote On Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation

The Senate Judiciary Committee set a date to vote to confirm Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett after three days of hearings.

Illegal immigration at Mexican border drops by more than half during past year

Federal law enforcement blocked fewer than 458,000 immigrants from illegally entering the United States from Mexico over the past fiscal year

Election Interference? Facebook Suppressing New York Post Bombshell Story Of Damaging Hunter Biden Emails

Facebook has reduced the distribution of a New York Post story containing bombshell information indicating that – contrary to his previous de

REPORT: Leaked Hunter Biden Hard Drive Allegedly Contained Several Explicit Images, 12-Minute ‘Raunchy’ Video

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden allegedly made a “raunchy” video and was seen in numerous “sexually explicit ima

Amy Coney Barrett defends original meaning of Second Amendment

Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett defended the original meaning of the Second Amendment during her Supreme Court confirmation hea

More Va. Public Schools Using Kids As Guinea Pigs For Critical Race Theory

Based on the recommendations of consultants they paid nearly half a million taxpayer dollars, the Loudon County school board recently approve

Delta reports $5.4 billion net loss in third quarter

Delta Air Lines announced Tuesday a net loss of $5.38 billion in the third quarter, or a $6.9 billion pre-tax loss, and said improvements in

CDC Study Finds Overwhelming Majority Of People Getting Coronavirus Wore Masks

A Centers for Disease Control report released in September shows that masks and face coverings are not effective in preventing the spread of

Over 50 Law Professors Pen Letter to Senate Judiciary in Support of Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation

A group of more than 50 law professors sent a letter Friday to the Senate Judiciary Committee expressing their support for Judge Amy Coney Ba

Biden reportedly considering controversial NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo for attorney general

Cuomo denies being interested but says he'll help 'in any way' he can

Democrats Focus on Abortion in Barrett Hearing at Their Peril

President Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court has pro-abortion Senate Democrats in a real quandary.

The CDC Wishes You A Lonely Holiday Season. Make This Your Most Joyous Yet

The CDC wants Americans to have 'virtual' Thanksgivings, staycation holidays, and gatherings with only your household to avoid spreading COVI