Twitter may face a fine of up to $250 million for using phone numbers and emails from its users to target advertising.

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Beirut Explosion Death Toll Skyrockets As Thousands Injured, 300,000+ Left Homeless

At least 100 people have officially been reported to have died in the massive explosion that rocked Beirut yesterday.

Netflix shares sink as company sees growth slowing after coronavirus-driven subscriber surge

Shares in Netflix fell sharply on Friday after the streaming giant reported lower-than-expected second quarter revenue and meager expectation

Isaias clears North Carolina, moves into Virginia, Maryland as hurricane status is downgraded

The storm swept the Atlantic Coast last night, moving from North Carolina to Virginia in about seven hours. It continues to make its way Nort

Paying People Not to Work Is Not an Economic Stimulus

There are now some 5 million unfilled jobs in the United States today—near an all-time high. Paying people not to work is no way to expand ec

Kodak shares soar 500 percent after federal government loan for drug manufacturing

Shares of Eastman Kodak soared early Wednesday after the federal government announced that the iconic camera maker would receive a loan to op

White House Submits Petition to FCC Challenging Big Tech

The White House on Wednesday confirmed the Department of Commerce had filed a petition to the Federal Communications Commission challenging t

NYPD Reports Demonstrators Damaged 303 Cruisers, Costing $1 Million In Repair

The New York City Police Department said 303 law enforcement vehicles were damaged since George Floyd’s death on May 25, costing nearly $1 mi

Soros Pours Record $50 Million Into 2020 Election

Liberal billionaire spends $30 million more than in 2016 with months left to go before the elections

Twitter, Facebook Delete Viral Video Promoted By Trump On COVID-19 And Hydroxychloroquine

Two giants of social media, Facebook and Twitter, have yanked a video of a press conference in Washington, D.C., that was reposted by Preside

Paying People Not to Work Is Not an Economic Stimulus

There are now some 5 million unfilled jobs in the United States today—near an all-time high. Paying people not to work is no way to expand ec

What’s Really Happening In America?

What do you think is really happening? Do you trust the media to tell the truth?

Wealthy Donors Pour Millions into Fight over Mail-in Voting

Deep-pocketed and often anonymous donors are pouring over $100 million into an intensifying dispute about whether it should be easier to vote

Google to allow employees to work remotely until summer 2021

Google will allow employees to work from home until at least the beginning of next summer.

CDC Director: ‘Critically Important for Public Health to Open Schools This Fall’

The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tweeted Friday that it is “critically important for public health to ope

Critics Taunt Dr. Anthony Fauci for Watching Baseball Game Without a Mask

Critics of Dr. Anthony Fauci taunted him Thursday for watching a baseball game in person without a mask.

John Lewis to lie in state in U.S. Capitol

The late Rep. John Lewis will lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda on Monday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McCo

After ad revenue drop, Twitter tells investors it’s eyeing subscription options

After reporting Q2 earnings that showed a marked dip in ad revenue, Twitter has said its exploring alternatives — dangling the possibility of

Washington NFL team to use 'Washington Football Team' for 2020 season

Effective immediately, Washington will call itself the "Washington Football Team" pending the adoption of a new name, the franchise announced

U.S. Weekly Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Rise to 1.416 Million

New claims for unemployment benefits rose to 1.416 million last week, data from the Department of Labor showed Thursday.

Trump Signs Order Excluding Illegal Immigrants from Census to Prevent Inflated Congressional Districts

President Trump on Tuesday signed an order directing the U.S. Census Bureau not to count illegal immigrants when awarding seats in the House