Yesterday was all about oil, geopolitics, and geostrategic errors; and, in the background, domestic politics, accepting past errors, and trying to make amends for them.

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Texas Republican critical of CNN anchor after viral interview on border: 'She wanted to lecture' me

Rep. Beth Van Duyne, R-Texas, reacted to her heated interview on CNN, where she clashed with a CNN host about blaming the Biden administratio

Tea Party poll shows 86% of people believe only US citizens should vote in elections

The poll was conducted in late January 2024 and released by Tea Party Patriots Action (TPPA).

Bomb-Sniffing Dog Was At DNC On January 6, Raising Further Questions About Undetected Pipe Bomb

Newly uncovered video shows that a bomb-sniffing dog was at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) on the morning of January 6, 2021, withou

Retail Sales Decline In January As Americans’ Economic Woes Persist

Consumers cut back on retail spending in January as factors like inflation and high credit card debt weigh on Americans.

CNN anchor can't handle the truth when GOP lawmaker takes her to school on border crisis: 'Spare us the gaslighting'

Rep. Mike Lawler (R-N.Y.) dished out a history lesson about Democrats and the border crisis on Wednesday that CNN anchor Kaitlan Collins clea

‘F*ck That P*to’: Rank-And-File DHS Officials Applaud Impeachment Of Secretary Mayorkas

Nine rank-and-file Department of Homeland Security officials told the Daily Caller News Foundation they supported the House’s passage of impe

Kellyanne Conway warns GOP 'better learn' some lessons after Democrats flipped NY House seat

Fox News contributor Kellyanne Conway urged Republicans to use the loss of a New York House seat as a teaching moment on "America's Newsroom"

Boston residents begin welcoming migrants into their homes amid overwhelmed shelter system

Boston residents have recently begun welcoming illegal migrants into their homes after the city's overwhelmed shelter system prompted local D

Delusional Nikki Haley Insists She Will Beat Donald Trump During CNN Appearance

Neoconservative presidential candidate Nikki Haley continues to insist that she will beat former President Donald Trump in the Republican pri

Trump endorses Michael Whatley as RNC chair, Lara Trump as co-chair, Chris LaCivita to serve as chief operating officer

Trump is set to push for Chris LaCivita to be the chief operating officer of the RNC.

Hunter Biden friend tells Congress how first family’s name scored Chinese deal worth millions

The first son “had an interesting last name that would probably get people in the door,” Rob Walker told lawmakers.

Kamala Harris 'ready to serve' as Democrats sound the alarm about Biden's age: report

Vice President Kamala Harris said during a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal that she is "ready to serve" as President Biden face

Lakewood Church Shooter Identified as Transgender Immigrant from El Salvador

Authorities have identified the shooter as Genesse Ivonne Moreno, a 36-year-old transgender immigrant from El Salvador, according to multiple

Biden campaign posts Joe's first TikTok in attempt to woo young voters

The move comes despite the Biden admin banning the platform from government devices.

Trump cruises toward nomination as he wins Nevada, Virgin Islands GOP caucuses

Former President Donald Trump cruised to an easy victory in the Nevada GOP Caucus on Thursday evening, claiming an overwhelming portion of th

Biden confuses Egypt and Mexico while assuring nation he’s mentally fit

President Joe Biden announced unscheduled remarks for Thursday evening at 7:45 pm eastern. The president was, characteristically, late to his