Hundreds of corporations, including Starbucks, Amazon, and Netflix, have signed a letter signaling their opposition to election integrity efforts in numerous states, promising to oppose any related legislation they deem “discriminatory.”

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House Will Vote on Whether to Make Washington D.C. a State Tuesday

The House of Representatives will vote Tuesday on whether to make Washington, D.C., a State.

Pending Home Sales Plunged More Than 10% in February

Pending home sales dropped far more than expected in February as the supply of homes on the market fell swiftly and home prices soared, data

How Woke Whites Are Turning Minorities Into Republican Voters

In the middle of their legislative orgy of socialistic giveaways and identity politics, Democrats might want to contemplate that their politi

No more excuses. It’s time to return to school in person, full time

Educators in many parts of the country are now eligible for the coronavirus vaccine, which should mean one thing: No more excuses. It’s time

New Admin Considers Restarting Border Wall Construction To 'Fill Gaps'

The Biden administration is considering restarting construction of the southern U.S. border wall to fill gaps in the barrier, according to a

Biden Plan Will Raise Taxes on the Middle Class

Biden's reforms to the estate tax go well beyond the rich.

Biden To Announce New Gun Control Executive Actions

President Joe Biden will take new executive action Thursday aimed at reducing gun violence in the United States.

Feds Open Two More Unaccompanied Migrant Child Detention Centers in West Texas

Continuing a recent trend, Health and Human Services (HHS) announced the opening of two more Emergency Intake Sites (EIS) to hold unaccompani

Biden's infrastructure plan would create 2.7 million jobs — not 19 million

President Joe Biden's $2.25 trillion infrastructure package would create about 2.7 million jobs, a fraction of the more than 19 million toute

YouTube removes 2.5 million ‘dislikes’ from Biden White House videos

How does it feel to be ratioed even when the system is rigged in your favor? Ask Joe Biden.

Texas COVID Cases, Deaths Plummet After Gov. Abbott Repeals Mask Mandate

Texas’ coronavirus case and death totals have collapsed in the month since Republican Gov. Greg Abbott repealed the state’s mask mandate.

Joe Biden Won’t Stop Lying about His Tax Plan

Making the pitch for his infrastructure and tax hike plan on Wednesday, President Biden said: “I start with one rule: No one. I’ll say it aga

Biden State Dept. quietly resumes aid to Palestinians: Confirms that such funds go to terrorists

The Biden administration has notified Congress, without a public announcement, that it will give $75 million to the Palestinian Authority for

Georgia Democrats stare down a mob of their own making

Leftist activists are busy whipping up a national boycott of Georgia-based businesses over the state’s new election integrity law.

Biden stimulus checks spark historic surge in gun sales, especially AR-15s

For the second time in three months, the FBI broke its record for gun sales, concealed carry, and other firearms background checks in March.

International Air Transport Association announces development of COVID vaccine passport app NEWS

Here we go. The International Air Transport Association, a trade association representing most of the world's prominent airlines, announced W

Pending Home Sales Plunged More Than 10% in February

Pending home sales dropped far more than expected in February as the supply of homes on the market fell swiftly and home prices soared, data

Sorting fact from fiction in Georgia voting law debate

A voting reform bill in Georgia has sparked lawsuits, boycotts, and mass outrage among Democrats, who describe the law as a revival of Jim Cr

DeSantis to take emergency action against vaccine passports

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday said he will take emergency executive action to stop the use of coronavirus vaccine passports

Border Patrol tent 5,700 migrants despite 250 Capacity

A temporary Border Patrol facility in Donna, Texas, that is meant to hold a maximum of 250 people was holding more than 5,700 people Monday,