A hypothesis about the origins of COVID-19 has, in the space of a few weeks, gone from a seemingly debunked conspiracy theory to a plausible explanation in the eyes of some in the media.

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NPR Allows Its Reporters to Engage in Direct Activism

The thin veil over National Public Radio’s commitment to objective journalism has been lifted.

Consumer Prices Surged Much Higher Than Expected in June

Consumer prices surged by much more than expected in June.

WATCH: Rocket Hits Bus in Israel

Video has emerged appearing to show a rocket fired by Palestinian terrorists, hitting a civilian bus in the Israeli city of Holon during a ba

No more excuses. It’s time to return to school in person, full time

Educators in many parts of the country are now eligible for the coronavirus vaccine, which should mean one thing: No more excuses. It’s time

Senate Republicans Likely to Kill Federal Election Takeover Legislation

Senate Republicans are likely to stand firm on Tuesday and kill the federal election takeover legislation through which Democrats seek to can

Supreme Court sides against NCAA in college athlete compensation case

The Supreme Court on Monday sided against the NCAA in a case concerning player compensation in college sports.

DeSantis Appears To Be A Popular Lead For 2024

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis came out on top of an approval voting straw poll held at the Western Conservative Summit.

Heart problems in vaccinated students trigger medical, legal scrutiny of campus COVID mandates

"Even a slight risk of a serious vaccine adverse reaction could tip the benefit-risk calculation" for young people, medical professors say.

Biden dumping illegal migrants around the nation without notice

The Biden administration is speeding up the placement of young illegal immigrants in cities around the nation with little or no notice to loc

Inflation Hits Highest Level Since 1979

Super-charged inflationary pressures continued to gain steam in June, the Philadelphia Fed’s manufacturing survey showed Thursday.

Trump announces first rally since leaving the White House

Former President Donald Trump will begin his Make America Great Again rallies starting next week with an event in Ohio.

Joe Biden Meets with Vladimir Putin in Geneva

President Joe Biden and Russian president Vladimir Putin met on Wednesday, kicking off their long-anticipated meeting in Geneva, Switzerland.

Federal judge blocks Biden's bans on leases for drilling for oil and gas on public lands

A federal judge in Louisiana has blocked President Biden's temporary ban on new leases to drill for oil and gas on public lands, setting back

Biden Administration Asks Americans to Report ‘Potentially’ Radicalized Friends and Family

President Joe Biden’s administration announced their plans to create ways for Americans to report radicalized friends and family to the gover

No Jab? No Job: Judge sets precedent for corporate vaccine mandates

Forced compliance on COVID vaccination isn’t going to come from government. Rather, it will be outsourced to private corporations and public

Georgia election official acknowledge chain of custody documents missing for 2020 absentee ballots

Approximately 385 of 1,565 transfer forms for absentee ballots were missing.

U.S. Monitoring Potential Leak at Chinese Nuclear Power Plant: Report

The U.S. has for the past week been investigating a report of a leak at a Chinese nuclear power plant.

Reporter Who Broke Story Of 2016 Bill Clinton-Loretta Lynch Secret Tarmac Meeting Found Dead Of Apparent Suicide

Birmingham TV anchor and veteran newsman Christopher Sign was found dead Saturday morning of an apparent suicide, police said.

Governor Abbott Announces Plan for Texas to Build Its Own Border Wall

During a border-security conference in the U.S. border city of Del Rio Thursday, Republican Governor Greg Abbott signaled his intention to ju