Yesterday was all about oil, geopolitics, and geostrategic errors; and, in the background, domestic politics, accepting past errors, and trying to make amends for them.

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Fauci makes admission to Rand Paul about COVID boosters for young kids

At a Senate committee hearing, Dr. Anthony Fauci saidthere is "not enough data" to show whether COVID-19 booster shots lowered death or hospi

Meet The 40 New Covid Billionaires

The richest of these new billionaires is Li Jianquan, the president of Chinese medical products manufacturer Winner Medical, which ramped up 

Virginia goes red: How woke politics helped Republicans take the state

LifeSite Contributing Editor, Claire Chretien, sits down with Political Media CEO Larry Ward to discuss the recent gubernatorial election in

No more excuses. It’s time to return to school in person, full time

Educators in many parts of the country are now eligible for the coronavirus vaccine, which should mean one thing: No more excuses. It’s time

Nancy Pelosi’s Home Broken into Early This Morning in San Francisco – Paul Pelosi Violently Beaten, Taken to Hospital …UPDATE: Suspect in Custody

Early Friday morning Nancy Pelosi’s home in San Francisco was broken into. Her husband Paul Pelosi was violently assaulted.

Ben Shapiro Changes Tune On Vaccine Despite Calling Vaccine Skeptics ‘Dopes’

Shapiro criticized experts who "lied" about the vaccine, even though his massive media outlet joined in on vaccine support for months.

Crooked Democrat Senator Bob Menendez Under Federal Criminal Investigation… AGAIN

Crooked New Jersey Democrat Senator Bob Menendez is under federal criminal investigation – AGAIN.

Migrant Caravans Are Preparing To Flood The US Border Ahead Of Midterms, Senior Guatemalan Official Warns

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala — Guatemala’s interior minister has intelligence that large caravans of migrants will try to get to the U.S. in ant

State Department funding 'drag theater performances' in Ecuador to 'promote diversity and inclusion'

State Department says 'the program’s goal is to promote tolerance'

Hillary Clinton already accusing ‘right-wing extremists’ of stealing 2024 election

"Right-wing extremists already have a plan to literally steal the next presidential election and they're not making a secret of it."

America's Farm Economy Shrinks for 5th Straight Month Under Inflation

The agricultural economy continues to shrink across President Joe Biden's (D) America as inflation burdens the industry.

Russia Warns Of ‘Dirty Bomb’ False Flag Plot In Flurry Of Rare Calls To Western Leaders

A major new and sensational charge of a Ukrainian false flag plot in the making issued by Russia’s defense chief has set off a string of tit-

Ex-border chiefs hit ‘shameful’ record 2.7M illegal crossings under Biden

The Biden administration, in a belated and late Friday night move, revealed illegal immigration attempts broke another record in September, a

Oregon Republican Christine Drazan vows to fight child vaccine mandates

BEND, Oregon — Christine Drazan, Oregon’s GOP gubernatorial candidate, joined the ranks of prominent Republicans Thursday, vowing to fight an

Conclusive: COVID-19 Was Made in a Laboratory

It’s conclusive: COVID-19 was made in a laboratory

RINO Traitor Mike Pence Argues for Endless Funding of Ukrainian Military

Former Vice President Mike Pence, the RINO traitor who shamefully looked the other way and refused to stop election fraud, is pushing for end

Tucker Carlson: The Biden administration is demanding Amazon censor books they disagree with

Tucker Carlson slammed Amazon for banning the sale of books by Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin and signed a light on the government's ke

Top NIH Director Admits She Was Unaware of the Boston Lab’s New COVID Strain Research with 80% Death Rate – Says the Research Was Not Authorized

According to a report that was published by the Daily Mail on Monday, researchers at Boston University have developed a new and deadly strain