Around three dozen criminal convictions for absentee ballot fraud over past four years tallied in Heritage Foundation database.

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Twitter has opted not to add a “fact check” label to Joe Biden’s interview with the Breakfast Club

Twitter has opted out of “fact check” label to Biden’s interview, despite a report indicating the former vice president made several false an

U.S. savings rate hits record 33% as coronavirus causes Americans to stockpile cash, curb spending

The personal savings rate hit a historic 33% in April, the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis said Friday.

America reopening: 14 more states ease restrictions before Memorial Day weekend

As the United States continues its gradual reopening, on Monday more than a dozen states began easing restrictions that had shuttered nonesse

The media owe Brett Kavanaugh an apology

Without a shred of evidence that Brett Kavanaugh had ever even met Christine Blasey Ford, the news media decided the then-Supreme Court nomin

New Mexican House Republican sends letter to US attorney general alleging civil rights violation

The top house Republican in New Mexico is asking the U.S. attorney general to investigate possible civil rights violations as a result of the

Texas salon owner gets 7 days in jail for reopening

A Dallas County judge offered Shelley Luther, the owner of Salon a la Mode, a deal — apologize for being selfish for having her salon open wh

Florida to begin mass antibody testing next week

Florida will ramp up serological testing next week to see whether people have antibodies that indicate they were infected with the coronaviru

Brett Favre mentioned in multimillion-dollar embezzlement scheme in Mississippi, faces no criminal charges

Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre was mentioned in a Mississippi audit in which the state alleged that a nonprofit group caught in an embe

Pennsylvania's Socialist Playbook

A Republican state lawmaker in Pennsylvania said the Democratic governor's reluctance to release targeted state coronavirus data is akin to s

Sean Hannity condemns 'dangerous' armed stay-at-home protesters

Fox News host Sean Hannity urged stay-at-home protesters to keep their guns at home.

Bill de Blasio: NYPD Will Arrest Jewish Mourners Violating Social Distancing

Mayor Bill de Blasio promised to arrest Jewish mourners not adhering to social distancing decrees following Tuesday’s funeral for Rabbi Chaim

Nolte: They Told Us Lockdowns Were About Flattening the Curve. They Lied.

In order to flatten the curve of the coronavirus, the politicians told us we must lockdown and be quarantined while our economy collapsed. Th

Schumer: Fauci may testify before Senate next week

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) says top national health adviser Anthony Fauci may testify before the Senate next week after

Minnesota has more COVID-19 deaths than non-lockdown neighbors, more unemployment than New York

Imagine taking a non-hot spot for coronavirus, locking down the people, achieving a worse outcome than surrounding states that didn’t lock do

Thank You, Democratic Governors, for Re-Electing President Trump!

This Wuhan communist disease has ripped the face masks off a gang of Democrat governors and mayors who exhibit disturbing symptoms of the Lit

Surveillance plane starts flying over Baltimore, recording everyone's movements

The controversial aerial surveillance planes for Baltimore police started flying Friday, recording movements of everyone in the city during t

Ventilators a Practical Death Sentence

Dr Cameron Kyle-Sidell, trained in emergency medicine and critical care, was removed from his job as a supervising physician in an ICU in a B

Horowitz: Where is the authority of a governor to suspend all civil rights indefinitely?

The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and various state declarations of rights don’t change.

Horowitz: Liberal governors publish plan to reopen society … never

The plan to reopen our lives and economy posted earlier this week by a group of liberal governors creates enough unrealistic benchmarks that

After Failing To Remove Trump from Office, Schiff and Nadler Now Target Barr

The House Democrats are at it again: They want another investigation of the Trump administration, and this time they hope to bring down the n