A hypothesis about the origins of COVID-19 has, in the space of a few weeks, gone from a seemingly debunked conspiracy theory to a plausible explanation in the eyes of some in the media.

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NPR Allows Its Reporters to Engage in Direct Activism

The thin veil over National Public Radio’s commitment to objective journalism has been lifted.

Consumer Prices Surged Much Higher Than Expected in June

Consumer prices surged by much more than expected in June.

WATCH: Rocket Hits Bus in Israel

Video has emerged appearing to show a rocket fired by Palestinian terrorists, hitting a civilian bus in the Israeli city of Holon during a ba

No more excuses. It’s time to return to school in person, full time

Educators in many parts of the country are now eligible for the coronavirus vaccine, which should mean one thing: No more excuses. It’s time

Ron DeSantis Is The Tip Of The GOP Spear In 2024

Liberals beware: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is primed to win the White House in 2024. Assuming former President Donald Trump doesn’t run again

Supreme Court leaves Arizona voting restrictions in place

The decision comes at the end of the Supreme Court's term for the year.

Trump arriving in Texas to tour U.S. border, amid concerns about migrant surge, apprehensions

Trump was elected in 2016 on a platform that touted border security.

State Department Says Passports Can Include Any Gender

Gender does not have to match other forms of ID.

Dan Bongino creates new anti-'cancel culture' payment platform in response to Trump ban

Conservative commentator and entrepreneur Dan Bongino launched a new anti-cancel culture payment processing platform Tuesday, AlignPay, to en

Trump rips into 'weak' and 'pathetic' Barr in scathing statement

Former President Donald Trump lashed out at former Attorney General William Barr, calling him “weak” and “pathetic” in a scathing statement.

California Expands Ban on State-Funded Travel to Five More States over Transgender Laws

California attorney general Rob Bonta announced a ban on state-funded travel to five states on Monday, citing new laws in those states pertai

Adviser to Pentagon Counter-Extremism Group Warns of Protected Speech Crackdown

An adviser to the Pentagon’s Counter-Extremism Working Group (CEWG) is warning the Biden administration’s efforts to purge the military of “e

Woke Entitlements: House Democrats Pass Bills Pushing LGBT Loans, Abortion Drugs for Veterans

House Democrats passed two bills on Thursday after an initial conservative knockdown last week.

Mayorkas falls on sword for Harris over El Paso trip decision

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas tried to shield Vice President Kamala Harris from some of the heat she has received for flying

University professor posted ‘Blow up Republicans’ on Facebook, will keep his job

A professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington openly called for violence against members of the Republican Party on social media

There’s a Reason Why Democrats Can’t Get Their Election Bills Passed

S.1 failed to advance in the Senate, leaving progressives in disarray. For months, activists and politicians have pushed the phony narrative

Pelosi To Create Commission To Investigate Jan. 6: ‘Timetable Will Be As Long As It Takes’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced Thursday that she will form a select committee to investigate the January 6 riot at the Capitol.

Biden Administration Undermines Women’s Equality Under Title IX

Rather than uphold the hard-won protections for women under the almost half-century-old Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, the Bid

The honeymoon is over for Biden as approval numbers drop, disapproval numbers spike

As his term progresses, Biden's approval rating continues trending down at a rate significantly faster than that of his Democrat predecessors

Fauci Lets Slip That Mark Zuckerberg Offered Him ‘Resources & Money’

Dr. Anthony Fauci has revealed what Mark Zuckerberg offered him in redacted portions of his recently released emails.