Will vulnerable Senate Democrats break away from their party?

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A shocking number of voters are open to election fraud

A new Heartland-Rasmussen survey further illustrates how wildly polarized America has become, but it also raises key concerns about the secur

Joe Biden’s Latest Billions for Ukraine Could Build Entire U.S. Border Wall

A spending package that will send billions more taxpayer dollars to Ukraine could have built an entire wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Fed's key inflation measure shows prices increased 2.7% last month, compared to March 2023

The U.S. government defines the Personal Consumption Expenditures Price Index as a "measure of the prices that people living in the United St

‘Bidenomics’ Takes Lumps After ‘Shocking’ GDP Report

Despite a years-long “Bidenomics” campaign to grow the economy, the Biden administration announced on Thursday that inflation-adjusted Gross

'Was I molested. I think so': Snopes' update on Ashley Biden diary fact-check spells trouble for Joe Biden

The entry in a sexual trauma section concerning Joe Biden's alleged inappropriate behavior toward his daughter was evidently real all along.

Newsom Says Climate Change Partly to Blame for California Budget Deficit

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) says climate change is how the state went from a $100 billion surplus to a $28 billion deficit.

Dems are trying to bring back Covid lockdowns, mandates ahead of 2024 election: Trump

“Hear these words: we will not comply. So don’t even think about it. We will not shut down our schools, we will not accept your lockdowns, we

Terrorist groups in Afghanistan, Pakistan gain strength and threaten US interests, report

U.S. policymakers are being advised to focus on mitigating terror threats. 

New York court strikes down order banning transgender athletes

Judge ruled county executive didn't have legal authority to issue the executive order setting the policy.

NYT Poll: Trump Continues to Dominate Swing States; Soars with Hispanic, Black, Young Voters

Former President Donald Trump maintains a strong position among key swing state voters and soars with Hispanic, black, and young voters.

Target learned a lesson: Pride Month plans already upsetting LGBTQ activists

Target faced a boycott last year, causing revenue to drop. The company has no plans for a repeat PR disaster.

Hunter Biden’s Gun Charge Appeal Fails

Hunter Biden failed to successfully appeal his gun charges on Thursday before the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. 

Why are Americans fleeing the West Coast for this deep red state? Freedom and friendliness

Idaho has become a red state refuge for West Coast families fleeing liberal policies. Here's what new residents like about their new home and

California to force women's longboard competition to include trans surfers under penalty of state law

The competition banned men in an attempt to “offer an equal playing field for all athletes.”

Poll: Independents Say Biden Is Greater Threat to Democracy than Trump

Independent voters are not buying the establishment media's claim that Donald Trump is a greater threat to democracy than Joe Biden.

Biden Turned His Back On Israel — And Now Some Democrats Are Turning On Biden

A number of Democrats have voiced their displeasure with President Joe Biden in the wake of his decision to withhold promised military aid if

Hillary Clinton compares Trump to Hitler on MSNBC as Dems' lawfare tactics fail

“People did not take the kind of threats that we saw in the 1930s as seriously as they should, including American journalists,” said Clinton.

MSNBC Panel Can’t ‘Make Sense’ Of New Poll Showing Americans Think Biden Is Bigger Threat To Democracy

An MSNBC panel grew bewildered at a poll indicating Americans find President Joe Biden to be a bigger threat to democracy than former Preside

Restoring History: Movement to return Confederate-linked names to schools garners traction

The main issue for organizers is what the renaming process was based on, and who was -- and wasn't -- involved in these decisions.

AstraZeneca is withdrawing its vaccine globally after admitting it can cause potentially deadly blood clots

Despite the timing of the withdrawal, the company has suggested the decision is based simply on a commercial rationale.