The document that we celebrate on July 4 established liberty, equality, consent of the governed, and independence from tyranny as foundational principles.

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Our mission is to serve as a platform for real investigative journalism. America's Founding Fathers understood that a free press was required to prevent the government from abusing its power. We aim to continue the tradition of the fourth and fifth estate, in order to responsibly hand it over to the next generation of Americans.


WHO Quietly Changes COVID Timeline following Republican Questioning

The World Health Organization quietly changed its timeline of the coronavirus pandemic’s first days.

Private Payrolls Estimated To Rise by 2.37 Million in June, May Revised Up By 5.2 Million

U.S. private payrolls increased by 2.369 million in June, the ADP National Employment Report showed on Wednesday.

New York City Begins Reopening, 400,000 Expected To Return To Work

New York City began reopening Monday, allowing nearly 400,000 people to begin returning to work, NBC News reported.

Can the 'Spirit of 1776' heal our nation in 2020?

The document that we celebrate on July 4 established liberty, equality, consent of the governed, and independence from tyranny as foundationa

Over 2.1M Americans filed for unemployment last week, pushing total job losses to 40M from coronavirus lockdown

Economists surveyed by Refinitiv expected 2.1 million Americans filed for first-time jobless benefits last week.

McCarthy: Congressional Proxy Voting ‘Endangering the Constitution to Ensure Pelosi Has More Power

Nancy Pelosi has proceeded with a change to House rules that will allow for so-called proxy voting by members.

California DA Launches Investigation Into Whether Tara Reade Lied While Testifying As Expert Witness

A California DA's office is investigating whether Tara Reade lied while acting as an expert witness.

Trump threatens social media outlets with regulation, closure after fact check added to tweet

President Trump on Wednesday morning ratcheted up his feud with social media platforms, threatening to "close them down" a day after Twitter

Two-Thirds Say Mail-In Voting Would Increase Voter Fraud

Never letting a crisis go to waste, mail-in voting is one of countless policies that leftists have used the coronavirus as a Trojan horse to

Trump Says He Has A Chance ‘To Break The Deep State,’ Teases New Revelations From Declassification

President Donald Trump on Sunday hailed recent disclosures of information regarding government surveillance of the Trump campaign, saying tha

America reopening: 14 more states ease restrictions before Memorial Day weekend

As the United States continues its gradual reopening, on Monday more than a dozen states began easing restrictions that had shuttered nonesse

10 Socially-Distanced Ways to Honor the Fallen on Memorial Day Weekend 2020

This year especially, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, Memorial Day 2020 will stand out as a unique day in history, as many will have to alte

All states will be on path to reopening for summer

Every state will have partially lifted restrictions by Memorial Day, even though most have not seen the downward trend of new daily cases cal

Senators Introduce Bill Sanctioning Chinese Officials, Banks Over Hong Kong Crackdown

Shortly after it became clear that China has run out of patience with Hong Kong, when as reported earlier China's National Congress adopted a

FBI Wiretapped The Phone Calls At Center Of Michael Flynn Leak

The FBI wiretapped phone calls between a Russian ambassador and former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn that were the subject of a cla

Stocks turn slightly higher early Thursday after weekly jobless claims, final earnings reports, and rising China tensions

U.S. stocks were lower midday Thursday as investors digested a fresh round of corporate results and economic data, including a report that sh

Trump threatens to hold back funding to states over 'rogue' moves on mail-in voting

President Trump is threatening to withhold federal funding from Michigan and Nevada in response to decisions to enact widespread mail-in voti

Trump announces $19B to farmers, ranchers to 'maintain the health' of the food supply chain amid coronavirus

President Trump announced a $19 billion coronavirus food assistance program to support farmers and ranchers.