A hypothesis about the origins of COVID-19 has, in the space of a few weeks, gone from a seemingly debunked conspiracy theory to a plausible explanation in the eyes of some in the media.

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NPR Allows Its Reporters to Engage in Direct Activism

The thin veil over National Public Radio’s commitment to objective journalism has been lifted.

Consumer Prices Surged Much Higher Than Expected in June

Consumer prices surged by much more than expected in June.

WATCH: Rocket Hits Bus in Israel

Video has emerged appearing to show a rocket fired by Palestinian terrorists, hitting a civilian bus in the Israeli city of Holon during a ba

No more excuses. It’s time to return to school in person, full time

Educators in many parts of the country are now eligible for the coronavirus vaccine, which should mean one thing: No more excuses. It’s time

War on Science! CDC Still Wants Children Masked Up

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said it is a “priority” for children to safely return to in-person learning for the

6 Months After Jan. 6 Riot, The Only Thing Democrats Are Serious About Is Power

The six-month anniversary of the Capitol riot not by Black Lives Matter exposes exactly how unserious the left is about the reality of that d

Red state cities far outpace blue state cities in economic recovery from pandemic

The Top 10 cities are in states led by Republican governors, where lockdown restrictions were lighter, less lengthy.

BLM Group Declares American Flag “A Symbol Of Hatred”

A Black Lives Matter chapter in Utah has declared the U.S. flag to be a “symbol of hatred” and says that anyone “flying it is a racist.”

Covid-1984: Biden Admin All-In On Door-To-Door Vax Force

Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra on Thursday addressed the pushback in response to the White House’s door-to-door vaccinati

Olympic Games in for a rude awokening, focus on wrong kind of ‘race’

The Olympic Games in Tokyo are doomed. Before the opening ceremony, before even the torch is lit, it’s not going to be OK.

Trump Is Suing Big Tech Giants That Nuked His Accounts Because They ‘Silence And Suppress’ Speech

After being banned from numerous platforms, former President Donald Trump announced a class-action lawsuit against CEOs at Facebook, Twitter,

California taxpayers to pay $1.3 billion to enroll more illegal immigrants in Medicaid

The plan proposed by California Democrats guarantees that low-income illegal immigrants older than age 50 will receive health insurance. Cove

Unfinished Border Walls Funnel Migrants into South Texas Neighborhoods

The Biden Administration’s pause on border wall construction now spans more than 100 days past the deadline for federal agencies to resume, m

Lt. Col. Allen West Aims to Become First Black Republican Elected Governor, Announces Primary Challenge Against Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Allen West has announced that he will run for governor of Texas and primary challenge Greg Abbott, who is reviled

The Texas State Government Will Allow the Public to Fund Texas’ Border Wall Construction

Much has been made about Texas’ efforts to secure its border while the Biden administration has largely put the issue on the backburner.

Poll: Three-Quarters of Capitol Hill Aides Believe GOP Will Flip House

Nearly three-quarters of senior Capitol Hill aides believe Republicans will take back control of the House majority during the 2022 midterm e

Biden's America: No relief in sight for prices at gas pumps, may get worse before improving, expert says

Gas prices have reached a 7-year high under President Joe Biden — and relief is not on the horizon this summer.

Lady Liberty canceled? Washington Post writer claims statue is ‘meaningless’ symbol of hypocrisy

The Statue of Liberty has been known for more than a century as one of the most preeminent symbols of American freedom – but now a Washington

Prominent medical journals highlight harm to children from masks, death risk from COVID vaccines

One journal has already issued an "expression of concern," however, citing "misrepresentation of the COVID-19 vaccination efforts."

Biden suffers Supreme Court smackdown

A major theme of the term was the Court’s rebuke of the Biden administration