At that stage, former President Donald Trump enjoyed a 42.5%.

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Fauci makes admission to Rand Paul about COVID boosters for young kids

At a Senate committee hearing, Dr. Anthony Fauci saidthere is "not enough data" to show whether COVID-19 booster shots lowered death or hospi

Meet The 40 New Covid Billionaires

The richest of these new billionaires is Li Jianquan, the president of Chinese medical products manufacturer Winner Medical, which ramped up 

Virginia goes red: How woke politics helped Republicans take the state

LifeSite Contributing Editor, Claire Chretien, sits down with Political Media CEO Larry Ward to discuss the recent gubernatorial election in

No more excuses. It’s time to return to school in person, full time

Educators in many parts of the country are now eligible for the coronavirus vaccine, which should mean one thing: No more excuses. It’s time

DNC is Cheating Robert Kennedy, Jr. in Primaries to Favor Biden

In an interview on “Forbes Newsroom” with Diane Brady, 2024 Democratic Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. accused the Democratic Na

Kamala Harris: Every VP Understands They ‘May Have to Take Over’ Role of President If Necessary

Vice President Kamala Harris said she would be ready to take over the role of president if necessary.

Atlanta Walmart to reopen with police substation after rampant crime contributed to closure

An Atlanta Walmart is slated to reopen in May 2024 with a police substation after the retail location closed last year following a surge in c

Most Americans say McConnell’s health and age 'severely limit' his job capability: Poll

McConnell has had two recent public incidents where he appeared to freeze up and was unable to speak for brief periods of time.

White House: Joe Biden Masking Up Indoors Again

President Joe Biden is masking up in indoor areas yet again following first lady Jill Biden testing positive for the coronavirus for the seco

Trump Reaches Out to United Auto Workers, Says Biden’s Electric Car Agenda Will Destroy Michigan Auto Industry

Trump is trying to appeal to members of the United Auto Workers Union by pointing out that Biden’s electric car agenda is going to destroy th

Female skateboarder faces threats after advocating for fairness in women's sports, while upholding concept that 'transgender women are women'

"To say that there are no physiological differences between transgender women and females is false. Arguments were made for the inclusion of

Pelosi Attacks Trump Supporters: They’re ‘Afraid’ Of ‘Diversity, Women, Minorities, LGBTQ’

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), the former Speaker of the House, claimed in an interview this week that supporters of former President Donald Trump

Biden Celebrates Creating Jobs ‘You Can Raise A Family On’ As Inflation Crushes Americans

President Joe Biden praised his job creation record in Philadelphia on Monday, as inflation continues to hurt the pockets of everyday America

CNN host shocks viewers when he confronts Dr. Fauci with study, expert analysis on mask efficacy

CNN host Michael Smerconish confronted Dr. Anthony Fauci on Saturday over a recent study that questioned the efficacy of face masks during th

Bidenflation Keeps Going: Inflation Edged Higher in July

Consumer inflation is on the rise again.

YouTube Demonetizes Channel Over Video of Democrats Challenging Election Results

YouTube has demonitized a channel over a video for the crime of making Democrats look like raging hypocrites.

AP Poll: Almost 70% Of DEMOCRATS Say Biden Too Old To Run Again

Most respondents associate Biden with the words “old,” “outdated,” “retire,” “elderly,” “aging,” “senile” and “dementia”

Five U.S. hospitals have brought back mask mandates

Mask mandates are making a return to some U.S. hospitals despite how unpalatable such demands have become, with locations in New York, Califo

WATCH: Vivek Ramaswamy Calls Out MSNBC Host For Linking Climate Change To Major Hurricane

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy called out MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell Tuesday for linking a hurricane approaching Florida t