The public will be able to honor Ginsburg's trailblazing legal career and life of public service Wednesday and Thursday.

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House Republicans Blast WHO and China in COVID Origins Report

House Republicans slammed the Chinese Communist Party and the World Health Organization for their handling of the coronavirus pandemic in a M

Detached from reality? Why U.S. stocks just hit a new high

Has Wall Street missed the news that we are in a pandemic?

Louisville Braces For Riots Ahead Of Breonna Taylor Decision, Mayor Declares State Of Emergency

Democratic Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer issued an executive order declaring a state of emergency Tuesday, on the heels of the Louisville Met

DEMINT: How A Big Blue Lie Fueled A Summer Of Riots

Protestors protest for lots of reasons – against injustice, to give a voice to the voiceless, or to speak truth to power.

The Coming Backlash to the Oscars’ Diversity Mandate

It’s easy to make fun of the Oscars’ new set of diversity requirements: Are we going to have to watch Lieutenant Colonel Anne Hathaway tossin

HYPOCRISY: Disney Threatened to Boycott Georgia Over Pro-Life Law, But Ignores China’s Concentration Camps

Last year, former Disney CEO Bob Iger threatened the people of Georgia.

First Black Female Dallas Police Chief Resigns amid Attacks on Police

Dallas Chief of Police U. Reneé Hall submitted her resignation Tuesday as attacks on police officers and civil unrest continue.

Ben Sasse Calls For Repealing The 17th Amendment

Republican Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse called for the repeal of the 17th Amendment to the United States Constitution in an op-ed published Tuesda

Congress back for shortened session, McConnell says Senate will vote on coronavirus relief package

Congress, White House appear to have a tentative agreement on a continuing resolution to avoid a potential government shutdown.

‘Senseless’: 51 Shot, 10 Dead In Bloody Chicago Labor Day Weekend, Child Among The Dead

Dozens were shot and multiple people died over Labor Day weekend in Chicago as violence continues in the city, according to police.

The CDC Is Not the Nation’s Housing Regulator

The agency’s eviction ban oversteps the bounds of the law.

Vaccine by Election Day ‘extremely unlikely,' top White House adviser says

Dr. Moncef Slaoui, the chief adviser for the White House coronavirus vaccine development program, said Thursday that chances of a vaccine by

November mail-in voting starts in North Carolina with roughly 600k requested ballots sent to voters

Ballots go out in two weeks in other battleground states including Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Trump oversees economic deal that includes Kosovo recognizing Israel, Serbia moving embassy to Jerusalem

The European Union had mediated talks between Serbia and Kosovo for more than a decade.

Facebook Will Ban Campaigns from Uploading Ads in Last Week of Election to Avoid ‘Civil Unrest’

Social media giant Facebook has announced plans to ban new political ads for the week leading up to Election Day on November 3.

Jobless Claims Fall to 881,000, Lowest Since Pandemic Hit

Fewer than one million U.S. workers filed new claims for unemployment benefits in the final week of August, the Labor Department said in its

New York City Suffers 50 Percent Murder Spike In August, Shootings More Than Double

While left-wing ideologues demand cities defund the police, the current situation in New York City offers a compelling case for law enforceme

California Legislature passes bill to soften criminal penalty for LGBT adults who have sex with underage teens

The California General Assembly — comprised of a Democratic supermajority — has advanced legislation that could ease the criminal punishment

Trump Wins Short Reprieve in Bid to Shield Tax Records From Manhattan DA

President Donald Trump won another reprieve Tuesday in his bid to shield his financial records from investigators.

Biden, Harris, and Abortions Late in Pregnancy

Yes, the Democratic ticket would protect abortion at any stage of pregnancy.