Maine lets Trump STAY on the 2024 ballot until the Supreme Court decides the Colorado case

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Bills that protect Americans struck down

It is beyond comprehension that most Democrats voted against Kate’s Law and the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act

Giving Them Legal Rights Like Humans Is Absurd

Animal rights groups argue that primates are deserving of legal personhood

How the Qatar Crisis Shook Up the World's Supply of Helium

The country provides 25 percent of helium used on Earth.

As Obamacare erodes......

Uninsured rises by 2 Million this year. That may be a reflection of rising premiums and dwindling choices in the insurance markets.

Chief Justice John Roberts' speech wishing new grads 'betrayal,' 'bad luck' and 'failure'

Roberts tried to solve those problems by delivering an unexpected lesson.

Shocking news from the world of economics

Cash for Clunkers Was a Complete Failure.

Mark Zuckerberg again defends government giving people free money

Does giving someone free money each year really brighten the future and compel people to look for opportunities to invest and grow ?

North Korea’s long history of attacking America — with anti-U.S. stamps

North Korea started its official “Struggle Against U.S. Imperialism” month by releasing two new postage stamps.

A Plasma Rocket engine may get us to Mars in 40 days

Theoretically, the engine could cut time to as little as 39 days versus the eight months it would take using today’s chemical rockets.

There may soon be a new US military service — for space

If some members of Congress get their way, US forces may soon be fighting in a brave new frontier.

Washington’s new family-leave law is among the most generous

Washington became the fifth state to mandate that employers pay workers' salaries when they need to take time off for the birth of a child.

A look at the U.S. military's options to confront North Korea

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis emphasized to reporters Thursday that the administration is focused on diplomatic and economic sanctions efforts

Spam at 80

American soldiers gobbled up more than 100 million pounds of it during WWII.

The emergency supplies you should have

A small nuclear bomb set off by a terrorist is one of 15 disaster scenarios the U.S. government plans for.

Religious Liberty wins again in the Supreme Court

In its decision in Trinity Lutheran v. Comer this week, the Supreme Court took another significant step.

Eco-friendly goats steal jobs from union? The goats are ahead of schedule.

A battle is brewing this summer between a group of hungry goats and a labor union.