Pelosi Upset That Trump Didn’t Visit Countries Alphabetically

House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi fielded questions Thursday about President Donald Trump’s visit to the Middle East, and if it was successful.

She started off by recalling her own trips abroad.

“I was in uh, like four countries five countries, whatever … if anyone said anything to me…they would bring up president Trump, and I would say: you know what? That is not why we are here. We don’t criticize our president, when we go abroad. We may have our disagreements, which we fully air in our own country, but we don’t go overseas and criticize our president.”

She then went on to directly criticize President Trump for visiting Saudi Arabia first.

“It was unusual for the President of the United States to go to Saudi Arabia first. Saudi Arabia? It wasn’t even alphabetical,” Pelosi said.

If that wasn’t strange enough, Pelosi then started citing what past presidents had done.

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