American tourist dollars are feeding Castro's Human Zoo

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Expedia is now booking hotels in Cuba.

American Airlines is flying American tourists from Miami to Havana.

For more than a year American-owned cruise lines have been hauling U.S. citizens by the thousands to the Castro Brothers' beautiful socialist paradise 90 miles off the tip of Florida.

Thanks to President Obama's decision to liberalize relations with Cuba in 2015, the island is now open to direct visits by American tourists.

I can't believe how excited so many Americans are to get a chance to see some '57 Chevies and Buicks and visit a country that has been wrecked and essentially frozen in time by a dictatorship since JFK was president.

I'd love to see Cuba too. Its people, culture and beaches are beautiful. Its pre-Fidel history and Spanish heritage are rich.

My wife is in the travel business, so I could go on a cruise to Havana for peanuts anytime I wanted.

But as long as Raul Castro and the other thugs in the Communist Party remain in power in Cuba, I promise I'll never go there.

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