Google is facing a $5 billion class-action lawsuit over allegations of invading the privacy of millions of users by tracking their internet usage through Chrome browsers.

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Elon Musk calls for Amazon to be broken up: 'Monopolies are wrong!'

Elon Musk tweets in response to former New York Times journalist Alex Berenson's book about COVID-19 not meeting Amazon guidelines for sale.

Unemployment Falls to 13.3% and Economy Adds 2.5 Million Jobs

The unemployment rate fell to 13.3 percent and payrolls unexpectedly rose by 2.5 million workers as the easing of restrictions on business ac

America reopening: 14 more states ease restrictions before Memorial Day weekend

As the United States continues its gradual reopening, on Monday more than a dozen states began easing restrictions that had shuttered nonesse

The media is gaslighting America on behalf of antifa

Despite mainstream media reports, antifa are not noble, well-intentioned activists but anarchists who use violence for their own gain.

How hospitals got richer off Obamacare

After fending off challenges to their tax-exempt status, the biggest hospitals boosted revenue while cutting charity care.

Senior Obama Admin Official: The Media Colluded With Russia

CNN’s Sciutto took objection to Price’s accusation that the media colluded with Russia.

Iran Contra: 30 Years Later

Sometimes what some meant for bad, and vilification, can turn out for good. Such is the case of Ollie North, a man with a life well lived.

Levinson family meets U.S. officials about man missing in Iran

The family of former FBI agent Robert Levinson has met with State Department officials about efforts to find him.

Father of 3 killed by man deported 7x

Illegal immigrant who has been removed from the U.S. SEVEN times had 'drunk 12 beers and was driving at 100mph.

NYC's $32M multi-agency Rat Task Force

New York City announced a $32 million multiagency plan to reduce its rat population.

A monkey took a selfie.

PETA says he owns the copyright. A curious monkey with a toothy grin and a knack for pressing a camera button is back in court.

Why Democrats Should Love Cruz's Health Care Amendment

Cruz’s amendment is similar to a feature in the FEHBP, which Democrats love.

Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers forced to advertise abortion

Pregnancy centers found out of compliance could be slapped with a $500 citation for a first-time offense and a $1,000 per-offense after.

5 things to know about the proposed 'Forever' GI Bill

It’s an idea that gained momentum with veterans groups and bipartisan support.

Wonder Woman: A Conservative and (Demi-) Religious View of the Human Race

A superhero genre to give us a meditation on mankind at its worst but also at its best.

Trustees project biggest Social Security increase in years

Millions of Americans who rely on Social Security can expect to receive their biggest payment increase in years this January.

More Than 400 People Charged for $1.3 Billion in Medicaid and Medicare Fraud

The investigation focused on opioid-related crimes.

The City by the Bay is finally coming to grips with a major problem

They’ve discovered that some of the students in the local schools are actually drinking chocolate milk with their lunch.

The quest to uncover truth about immigrant deaths from 1832

Could have been vigilante group that murdered them out of fear and prejudice against the Irish.

A Fisherman’s Tale Of Fighting Uncle Sam

Meet New Hampshire fisherman David Goethel. The federal government is destroying Mr. Goethel’s industry through overregulation.