The document that we celebrate on July 4 established liberty, equality, consent of the governed, and independence from tyranny as foundational principles.

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Our mission is to serve as a platform for real investigative journalism. America's Founding Fathers understood that a free press was required to prevent the government from abusing its power. We aim to continue the tradition of the fourth and fifth estate, in order to responsibly hand it over to the next generation of Americans.


WHO Quietly Changes COVID Timeline following Republican Questioning

The World Health Organization quietly changed its timeline of the coronavirus pandemic’s first days.

Private Payrolls Estimated To Rise by 2.37 Million in June, May Revised Up By 5.2 Million

U.S. private payrolls increased by 2.369 million in June, the ADP National Employment Report showed on Wednesday.

New York City Begins Reopening, 400,000 Expected To Return To Work

New York City began reopening Monday, allowing nearly 400,000 people to begin returning to work, NBC News reported.

Can the 'Spirit of 1776' heal our nation in 2020?

The document that we celebrate on July 4 established liberty, equality, consent of the governed, and independence from tyranny as foundationa

Postal Service broke law for Hillary

Postal Service broke law in pushing time off for workers to campaign for Clinton, investigation finds.

First statewide bicycle tax in nation

The state Legislature’s approval of the first statewide bike tax in the nation has fallen flat with riders.

Wasserman Schultz aide arrested trying to leave the country

Awan was arrested Monday evening at Dulles International Airport in Virginia before boarding a flight to Lahore, Pakistan.

Meet ‘Donut Boy’

The Pint-Sized ‘Superhero’ Who is Supporting Cops Across America

Facebook worker living in garage

As the Facebook CEO travels across the US to ‘learn about people’s hopes and challenges’, the cafeteria workers at his company struggle.

Troops become U.S. citizens on warship named for Marine who loved becoming an American

The service members, who hailed from nine nations, stood aboard the ship and recited the oath of citizenship.

Unmasked without justification

It is possible that they used this information to achieve partisan political purposes,

Understanding The Threats Of Iran

Without a doubt during the past eight years the previous U.S. administration acted as a major backing for the Iranian regime.

California governor stops parole for Charles Manson follower

The governor’s decision came a week before the deadline.

Why not consider ending the gift tax?

axes should not be triggered by a death in the family and Americans should not be forced to make critical life-impacting financial decisions

She fled Iraq now she's training to be a U.S. Border Patrol agent

Shakare, a 23-year-old from Iraq, is one of three women in a class of 20 at the U.S. Border Patrol Academy in Artesia, New Mexico.

Senator Feinstein Thinks It’s Acceptable for Violent Mobs to Control Speech

Feinstein is saying is that colleges do not have a duty to make sure that the First Amendment is protected on campus.

Kennedy considering retiring from Supreme Court

Speculation is swirling that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy could announce his retirement as early as this term.

You won't believe these laws are still on the books

The thing about laws is that they always make great sense at the time they're written.

To buy or not to buy?

Self-made millionaire David Bach says that not prioritizing homeownership is "the single biggest mistake millennials are making."

Border Patrol renews smuggler prosecution policy

The program enables the prosecution of Mexican human smugglers through Mexican courts,