Drain the Swamp: Streets, the White House, even the Metro in DC are Flooding

On Monday morning, heavy rains turned the metaphorical swamp into a literal swamp, as rains destroyed highways, leaked down into the metro, a

PETA Demands Small Town Change Road Name to One That 'Celebrates Chickens as Individuals'

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is now in the process of trying to get the name of a rural road in a Boise, Idaho, suburb changed

Clarity about Nationalism

In order to make arguments for nationalism, we have to define it.

Ted Cruz Calls for FBI to ‘Investigate and Bring Legal Action’ Against Portland Mayor

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has called on both the FBI and the Department of Justice to investigate Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler.

What I Learned About Pro-Life Women After I Had an Abortion

I saw pro-life women as misinformed ultra-conservatives who groveled at the feet of their husbands and couldn't think for themselves. Until I

So Many Democrats, So Many Bad Ideas

So many people want to be president. Unfortunately, many have terrible ideas.

Pro-life movement must focus on abortion

The pro-life movement must avoid becoming diluted by trying to tackle every social evil, an Australian bishop has stated, and should stay foc

Trump accuses Biden of lying about Obama's lack of endorsement

President Trump on Monday accused former Vice President Joe Biden of lying about his lack of a 2020 endorsement from former President Obama

Psychologists Can't Figure Out Why Hardly Anyone Wants to Date a Trans Person

A study recently found that most people are not interested in dating transgender people. But why would this be a problem?

The Problem With Ocasio-Cortez’s Shameful Ignorance Of History

Most Nazi analogies are profoundly stupid, intellectually lazy, and diminish the suffering of millions.

Pelosi: You should 'love' Planned Parenthood

"I don't want to be a fear-monger, but this is scary."

The Remarkable Accomplishments of Donald Trump

Years from now, history will note a major event that occurred in 2016. An event that significantly altered the course of the country and the

The tyranny of Leftist 'tolerance'

To anyone focused on real-world events and relationships, America is obviously the most tolerant and inclusive society that has ever existed.

Presidential Campaign Raises SC Mayor's National Profile

Columbia, South Carolina, Mayor Steve Benjamin is playing a visible role in many of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates' visits, ushe

Iowa Democrats warn that Kamala Harris’ ‘star is fading’

Tim Bottaro was ready to endorse Kamala Harris. He planned an event for the California senator in Sioux City, Iowa, buying balloons to match

Madonna: Trump 'Systematically removing all of our freedoms'

In producing her latest album, Madonna explored different musical genres like “dance, fado, rap, and Cape Verdean batuque” as a way of expres

Steven Crowder demonetized from YouTube over slighted Vox columnist

Conservative YouTuber Steven Crowder has been targeted by gay Vox Columnist for a perceived slight.

D-Day By the Numbers, By the Men

I want you to imagine picking up every resident of a medium-sized city, everything they'll need to eat and drink and rest for a few days, any

Joy Reid Saga Proves The Left Only Cares About Homophobia To Bludgeon The Right

Many on the Left do not care much whether Reid is being honest about her blog postings or what her true thoughts on LGBTQ issues are – but th

Hickenlooper booed in San Francisco for denouncing socialism

Democratic activists booed former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) on Saturday after he warned party faithful about the perils of embracin