Awkward Family Guy Emmys Skit Snarks at Disgraced Actors: ‘Who Will Be This Year’s Bill Cosby and Rosanne?’

Bill Cosby by Andrew Meyers is licensed under Flickr Public Domain
In the sketch, Peter Griffin recalled watching Emmys past where Bill Cosby and Roseanne Barr were among the most popular comedians and honorees at the award show.

“The Emmys have always been great at rewarding great people for great work,” he said. “Who will be this year’s Bill Cosby and Roseanne? Let’s keep watching to find out!”

Cosby, a four-time Emmy winner, is currently in prison after being found guilty on multiple counts of aggravated indecent assault.

Meanwhile, Barr saw her show Rosanne revived in recent years only to be fired after one season and have her show retooled into The Conners following Barr sending a racist tweet about Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett.