Trump Turns the Tables on the NYT, Uses Internal Leaks Revealing ‘Racism Witch Hunt’ To Attack Them

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It’s not often that an American president gets a chance to do this, but Donald Trump is making the most of it.

In a series of Twitter posts early Sunday, Trump launched an offensive against The New York Times using a weapon that’s rare for politicians:

Leaked coverage of one of the newspaper’s own internal meetings.

“The Failing New York Times, in one of the most devastating portrayals of bad journalism in history, got caught by a leaker that they are shifting from their Phony Russian Collusion Narrative (the Mueller Report & his testimony were a total disaster), to a Racism Witch Hunt,” Trump wrote.

“’Journalism’ has reached a new low in the history of our Country. It is nothing more than an evil propaganda machine for the Democrat Party. The reporting is so false, biased and evil that it has now become a very sick joke…But the public is aware!”
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