Trump Partied with Cheerleaders in the '90s, Which Will Hurt His 2016 Campaign

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This is a bombshell. Trump liked to party with hot blonde cheerleaders back in the '90s. Who knew?

I hope Joe and Mika track down those professional cheerleaders and find out how old they were in 1992. If any of them were under 18, and there was more than dancing going on, it's curtains for Trump. This is really going to hurt his chances of ever getting elected president. It doesn't matter whether the Dems nominate Hillary or Bernie. Either one of them is a shoo-in!

Etc. You get the point. Morning Joe and the rest of the libs are acting like it's still 2016. Like we don't know all this stuff already. Is this going to convince anybody who voted for Trump that they made a mistake? No. The only people who are outraged about this, or are trying to work themselves up to something resembling outrage, aren't going to vote for Trump in 2020 anyway.

As for seeing Trump talking to Jeffrey Epstein, when Trump now says that he's not friends with Epstein anymore... Wasn't this footage taken before Trump banned Epstein from Mar-a-Lago? Isn't that how time works? And besides, hasn't Joe noticed that Trump is a bit fickle? Joe used to be pals with Trump too, and now look at the two of them. Hell, Trump has driven Joe so crazy with jilted rage that now Joe thinks this is actually newsworthy.
trump boss by N/A is licensed under N/A