Put down that cellphone

Washington State Distracted-driving law is here. Using a handheld cellphone while driving, even at a stoplight, can soon lead to a $136 fine.

Is Space Exploration a Bipartisan Issue

The Trump Administration’s current budget will give NASA a chance to be successful with space exploration in the near future.

‘It’s failing my constituents’

Democratic congressman rips Obamacare, DNC

CNN’s Van Jones calls Russia story ‘nothing burger’

A CNN spokesman responded by email to a request for comment from the Washington Times by writing, “LOL.”

A monkey took a selfie.

PETA says he owns the copyright. A curious monkey with a toothy grin and a knack for pressing a camera button is back in court.

Wonder Woman: A Conservative and (Demi-) Religious View of the Human Race

A superhero genre to give us a meditation on mankind at its worst but also at its best.

The quest to uncover truth about immigrant deaths from 1832

Could have been vigilante group that murdered them out of fear and prejudice against the Irish.

Why musicians are so angry at this

Music labels accuse YouTube of using a legal loophole to pay less for songs than traditional music-streaming sites.

Remembering the summer of 1977

The New York blackout 40 years later.Most New Yorkers responded to the crisis with resilience. It brought out the best and the worst.

9-year-old silenced at council meeting

The council does set limits on time and prohibits disruptive speech or behavior. But there’s nothing in the rules about age.

Congressmen Propose Idea That Just Might Save Charlie Gard’s Life

Two U.S. congressmen proposed a potential solution that would reinstate Chris Gard and Connie Yates’ right to choose what’s best.

Democrats Battling Over Party’s Future

Since November, the battle inside the Democratic Party between progressives and the establishment continues.

A quandary Congress and Social Security must tackle

Whoever takes over the Social Security Administration has a lot of work to do.

Blue Whale Challenge: Parents be aware

Ghoulish online game urges young people to end their lives

U.S. Air Force Sgt. Israel Del Toro was told that He’d never walk again

Today, he is the first 100% combat-disabled Air Force tech to re-enlist. He received the Pat Tillman Award for Service at the 25th ESPYS.

What members of Congress can do

We, the people, need to remember that no one — not our siblings, our spouses, nor our work colleagues — ever agrees with us all the time.

If Ben & Jerry’s is progressive, why won’t it protect its farmworkers?

A record of labor exploitation from the company we expect better from.

Circuit court vacancy coming soon?

Vacancy could be coming from the second-most powerful court in the land, behind the Supreme Court.

A Federal Judge upholds Second Amendment Rights

But The Case Is Heading For The Ninth Circuit