‘It’s failing my constituents’

Rep. Tim Walz (D-Minn.) blasted the Democratic National Committee and, more specifically, Obamacare, in a new video uploaded to YouTube Monday.

According to the YouTube video description, the footage of the Minnesota Democratic congressman was taken May 12. It was unclear where exactly Walz was speaking when he made the comments, although the setting appears to be a constituent town hall.

“That’s why the message — and we were talking about the DNC — the DNC wanted the message to be that the ACA is doing fine and don’t talk about the warts, and I said I can’t do that because it’s failing my constituents in a lot of ways,” Walz said. “So I hear you loud and clear.”

The Republican National Committee brought attention to the 12-second video Monday in a “rapid response” email to journalists.

“Walz seems to be regretting his vote for Obamacare, admitting it’s ‘failing his constituents in a lot of ways,'” the RNC said in the email.

The GOP rapid response team added: “He’s right. Late last year, Minnesota’s insurance regulator said the state’s individual market was on ‘the brink of collapse’ and raised Obamacare rates by 50% to 67% on Minnesotans.”

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