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Democrats Pivot Back To Radical Election Bill That Would Ban Voter ID

The legislation increases the likelihood of a disputed election and should be rejected outright, especially considering the chaos this countr

Latest White House Statement About the 'Unvaccinated' Is Making People's Skin Crawl

President Joe Biden is set to address the American people Tuesday on his administration's latest efforts to fight the spread of Wuhan coronav

Oops! Feds' guidance on COVID vaccines moves closer to alleged 'misinformation' of skeptics

Twitter quietly modified "misinformation" policy earlier this month to punish users who claim vaccinated people "can spread or shed the virus

Justice Department Asks Supreme Court to Uphold Health Care Worker Vaccine Mandate

The Justice Department requested that the Supreme Court uphold the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for health-care workers in a Thursd

Biden administration scraps $450,000 payments to migrant families separated under Trump

The Biden administration has walked away from legal negotiations in which it was considering paying $450,000 to each adult and child separate

Jan. 6 committee admits to altering text message between Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan

The Jan. 6 committee admitted that it changed a text message between former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and Rep. Jim Jordan, excl

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Goes on Offense Against Critical Race Theory, Proposes the Stop WOKE Act

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) on Wednesday announced what his office branded a “first of its kind in the nation” legislation to combat both w

Supreme Court Rejects Religious Liberty Challenge To New York Vaccine Mandate

The Supreme Court rejected Monday a challenge from New York health care workers who argued their state’s vaccine mandate violated their relig

Kamala Harris Announces $1.2B Private Sector Investment in Central America as Border Crisis Continues

Vice President Kamala Harris on Monday announced that American corporations and international organizations have agreed to invest $1.2 billio

Conservative Political Commentator Doug Wead, a Lifelong Pentecostal, Dies at 75

Conservative political commentator and New York Times bestselling author Doug Wead, author of the 2019 book Inside Trump's White House: The R

‘Build Back Better’ Programs Will Add $3 Trillion to Deficit if Made Permanent

At the request of multiple Republican senators, the Democrats fighting to advance President Biden’s Build Back Better plan, the gargantuan re

New study suggests natural immunity is more protective over time than COVID-19 vaccine

The study is one of many that suggest those with natural immunity are in the single best protected group against infection and severe illness

Biden signs executive orders to make all government vehicles electric & buildings renewable powered

A series of new executive orders aims to make the federal government carbon neutral by 2050.

Non-Citizen Voting Is Wrong for NYC (and Everywhere Else)

A proposal in New York City to give non-citizens the right to vote should be rejected.

House Passes 2022 NDAA with Red Flag Law Language Removed

The House of Representatives passed a final version of the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Tuesday night which does not contai

Biden's Vaccine Mandate for Federal Contractors Has Been Shot Down

A nationwide injunction against President Joe Biden's Wuhan coronavirus vaccine mandate for federal contractors has been issued by a federal

Governments warn of heart problems from COVID vaccines, but Twitter calls research 'unsafe'

Governments around the world are warning their citizens that COVID-19 vaccines present heart risks in some populations. But if Twitter users

Phony Abortion History Returns to the Supreme Court

A discussion of the history of abortion law occupied several minutes of the oral argument before the Supreme Court last Wednesday. Much of wh

NYC to expand vaccine mandate to the private sector Dec. 27

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Monday a first-in-nation COVID-19 vaccine mandate on all private workers that will take effect a

Disaster: U.S. Economy Added Just 210,000 Jobs in November

The U.S. economy added 210,00 jobs in November and the unemployment rate sank to 4.2 percent.