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Top Scientist Claims Anthony Fauci ‘Untruthful’ About Chinese Lab Research

The U.S. government contributed funding to controversial gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in

House Freedom Caucus chair demands answers on Afghan vetting

While President Biden faces criticism over who was left in Afghanistan, there are growing questions about who was evacuated — and House Freed

Biden Claims He Visited Pittsburgh Synagogue That Was Attacked; Synagogue Says That’s False

Democrat President Joe Biden claimed on Thursday that he visited the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, which was the site of a white supr

‘Screwed,’ ‘Lied To’: State Dept. Avoids Questions About Trapped Passport Holders, Congressional Offices Flooded With Calls From Abandoned Americans

State Department spokesman Ned Price desperately tried to steer away from questions about Americans, American passport holders, and Afghan al

Joe Biden Launches ‘Whole-of-Government Effort’ to Fight Texas Pro-Life Law

President Joe Biden announced a “whole-of-government effort” on Thursday to fight the latest Texas ban on abortions of an unborn child with a

Afghan President Warned of Taliban ‘Invasion’ but Joe Biden Focused on ‘Perception’

A leaked transcript and audio recording of a call between President Joe Biden and then-Afghan President Ashraf Ghani about three weeks before

‘Majority’ of Afghan Visa Applicants Left Behind in U.S. Withdrawal

A “majority” of Afghan interpreters and other visa applicants were left behind in the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

43,000 absentee ballots counted in key Georgia county violated chain of custody rule

Georgia election officials certified 43,907 absentee ballots from DeKalb County in the 2020 election despite the ballots being in violation o

John Kirby grilled over why US officials did not protect American forces if they knew ISIS-K attack was coming — but he refused to answer

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby refused to answer a question Monday inquiring why American officials did not take action to protect American fo

CORONAVIRUSRestaurant Reserveration App OpenTable To Integrate Vaccination Status Into Service

Diners will be asked to present proof of vaccination via the OpenTable app

Calls for Biden impeachment or resignation grow amid fall of Afghanistan, chaotic U.S. exit

While there are many calls for Biden to resign or be impeached, the balance of power in Congress makes it a near certainty that that won't ha

Biden AGAIN Laughs, Wisecracks At Reporters Asking About Stranded Americans In Afghanistan

Joe Biden once again laughed and attempted to joke with reporters Wednesday as they asked serious questions about thousands of Americans stil

Evacuations resume in Kabul after deadly attacks that killed 100-plus including 13 U.S. troops

Evacuations resumed Friday in Afghanistan, one day after two suicide bombings outside the international airport in the capital city of Kabul

Who is Kash Patel? Key Trump intel advisor slams ‘unconditional surrender’ of Bagram Air Force Base

Perhaps the most egregious in a series of devastating mistakes made by Team Biden in Afghanistan was the “unconditional surrender” of the Bag

Joe Biden and Jen Psaki Attack Erik Prince and Blackwater for Not Rescuing Stranded Civilians for Free After Their Botched Withdrawal – Prince Reminds Biden of the Time He Saved His Life

Several thousand Americans are still stranded in Afghanistan following the siege of Kabul by the Taliban and the withdrawal of US troops by J

FBI Raids Detroit City Hall And Homes Of Council Members In Corruption Probe

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has executed search warrants at Detroit City Hall and the homes of two city council members in rela

Kabul Airport Explosion Appears to Be Suicide Attack, U.S. Officials Say

An explosion outside Kabul's airport amid a huge evacuation effort from Afghanistan appeared to be caused by a suicide bomb, U.S. officials s

The Day Afghanistan Died

There are a lot of different reasons for the fall of Afghanistan, and plenty of blame to go around, but the end result was not pre-ordained.

Voter fraud concerns mounting in tight California recall election

Facing the political fight of his life and sinking polls indicating he could lose in the Sept. 14 recall election, California Gov. Gavin News