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Dems launch PR campaign to save Biden's re-election bid after debate disaster: report

“They’re all-in, and want him to stay in,” a Biden source said. The source told the outlet that the campaign is “charging ahead” despite the

Infamous topless trans influencer who was invited to Biden White House accused of sexual assault

“I’m really sorry I broke your trust and violated you,” an email from Montoya to Diamond said.

Court orders ex-Trump White House aide Bannon to report to prison

A federal court in Washington, D.C., ordered former Trump White House aide Steve Bannon to prison, ending bid and appeals process that he sta

Trump says Nikki Haley could have a place in his administration

Donald Trump told reporters at his Bronx rally on Thursday that he is pretty confident that Nikki Haley will be in his administration if he i

House GOP claims Hunter Biden lied under oath multiple times during congressional deposition

House Republicans have obtained information they say proves "indisputably" that Hunter Biden lied under oath multiple times during his congre

New York court strikes down order banning transgender athletes

Judge ruled county executive didn't have legal authority to issue the executive order setting the policy.

A shocking number of voters are open to election fraud

A new Heartland-Rasmussen survey further illustrates how wildly polarized America has become, but it also raises key concerns about the secur

Rep. Jim Banks Introduces Legislation To Defund NPR

Indiana Republican Rep. Jim Banks introduced legislation Friday to defund National Public Radio (NPR).

Marjorie Taylor Greene Meets with Mike Johnson While Continuing to Threaten His Speakership

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) powwowed on Wednesday as Greene continues her threat to oust Johnson for “

Mike Johnson 'committed' to bringing Ukraine aid to floor, Republicans say it could lead to his ousting

“It is very likely that after this Ukraine bill, we may have a standoff with the speaker.”

Former U.S. Ambassador: Joe Biden's Immigration Policy Crippled Haiti

Joe Biden's 2021 migration crisis helped to create a Haitian national crisis during his 2024 reelection campaign, his former special envoy fo

Lady Gaga Slammed For Promoting Trans Activist Dylan Mulvaney On International Women’s Day

Recording artist Lady Gaga is under fire for promoting trans activist Dylan Mulvaney in honor of International Women’s Day on Friday.

Biden campaign tries to cope with brutal NY Times poll showing nothing but bad news for them: 'An array of warning signs'

The newest New York Times/Sienna College poll shows President Joe Biden is down bad — and the Biden campaign is having a difficult time copin

Massive Donor Drops Nikki Haley After Big South Carolina Loss to Trump

One of Nikki Haley's prime sources of campaign cash for her Republican presidential nomination race has just dried up.

Vermont girls basketball team banned from play after forfeiting game against team with transgender player

A Vermont basketball coach spoke out on the Christian school's lawsuit against after the state barred the team from competing for forfeiting

Marianne Williamson returns to presidential race, saying Biden is vulnerable against Trump

Marianne Williamson returned to the presidential race in an attempt to unseat President Biden on Wednesday, saying he is a weak candidate aga

Hunter Biden tells Congress: 'I did not involve my father in my business'

Hunter Biden also acknowledged what he called his "mistakes," but said that he was fully to blame, not his father.

Fauci makes admission to Rand Paul about COVID boosters for young kids

At a Senate committee hearing, Dr. Anthony Fauci saidthere is "not enough data" to show whether COVID-19 booster shots lowered death or hospi

Revealed: Hunter Biden Flew to Moscow to Meet Now-Sanctioned Russian Oligarch

EXCLUSIVE: Russian oligarch with close ties to Putin met with Hunter Biden in Moscow over potential investment deal before meeting TWICE more

White House Opposes Ban on Russian Oil Imports; Urges World to Reduce Reliance on Oil to Punish Vladimir Putin

President Joe Biden and his administration said Americans should reduce their consumption of oil and gas in order to keep prices down and ult