Yesterday was all about oil, geopolitics, and geostrategic errors; and, in the background, domestic politics, accepting past errors, and trying to make amends for them.

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Fauci makes admission to Rand Paul about COVID boosters for young kids

At a Senate committee hearing, Dr. Anthony Fauci saidthere is "not enough data" to show whether COVID-19 booster shots lowered death or hospi

Meet The 40 New Covid Billionaires

The richest of these new billionaires is Li Jianquan, the president of Chinese medical products manufacturer Winner Medical, which ramped up 

Virginia goes red: How woke politics helped Republicans take the state

LifeSite Contributing Editor, Claire Chretien, sits down with Political Media CEO Larry Ward to discuss the recent gubernatorial election in

No more excuses. It’s time to return to school in person, full time

Educators in many parts of the country are now eligible for the coronavirus vaccine, which should mean one thing: No more excuses. It’s time

Pentagon Plans On Increasing Artillery Ammunition Production By 500% For Ukraine 

The US government is stopping short of getting into a direct war to help Ukraine fight Russia 

Massive Fire Destroys Commercial Egg Farm Belonging To Top US Supplier

Dozens of food processing plants were destroyed and/or damaged last year by "accidental fires." After several months of a lull in mysterious

Marine Corps Recruiters Trying To Get Members Booted Over The COVID Vaccine Mandate To Rejoin, Texts Show

The Marine Corps is sending out mass texts to former members who left over the COVID-19 vaccine mandate asking if they would like to rejoin.

Internal DHS Emails Sound Alarm: Illegal Aliens Assaulting Agents, Trying to Escape Custody

Illegal aliens have attempted "escaping" from Department of Homeland Security (DHS) custody and tried "to overrun drivers."

Russia launches ‘massive’ strikes on Ukraine after Western allies agree to send tanks

After the U.S. and Germany's historic decision to supply battle tanks to Ukraine, talk has already turned to the possible supply of other fir

Smugglers Are Using Their Kids As ‘Cover’ To Sneak Illegal Immigrants Into The US | The Daily Caller

Drivers smuggling illegal immigrants into the country are bringing their young children  as a cover to carry out the crime.

McCarthy tussles with reporter over Intel Committee removals: 'You have not had the briefing that I had'

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy faced off against a reporter for removing Democrats from the House Intelligence Committee while allowing

Watch: Dem Rep Lauds Bill To Make It Criminal For White People To Criticize Non White People

Implies Tucker Carlson could be prosecuted for speaking out against legislation

Arizona Rep. Ruben Gallego Linked to CCP-Epstein-Tied Humpty Dumpty Institute, Running for Senate in 2024 - National File

Arizona Congressman and ’24 Senate hopeful Ruben Gallego is connected to HDI, the Epstein-tied, CCP-partnered influence operation.

Could the United States Lose Its Financial Superpower Status as a Result of the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict?

French historian and anthropologist Emmanuel Todd believes that the Russo-Ukrainian conflict could put the United State’s financial status at

Joe Biden is named in 2017 email discussing a multi-million dollar gas deal with China

Joe Biden was named by Louisiana-based lawyer Robert Fenet in a 2017 email discussing a multi-million dollar deal to supply gas from Louisian

Google to lay off 12,000 people, memo from CEO Sundar Pichai says

Sundar Pichai, Google's CEO, said in an email sent to the company's staff Friday that the firm will lay off 12,000 employees.

Texas, Oklahoma Sue Biden Admin Over Rule That ‘Unlawfully Delegates’ Authority To The WHO

Texas and Oklahoma are suing the Biden administration over a public health rule they argue illegally gives power to the World Health Organiza

U.S has hit the debt limit as Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen prepares 'extraordinary measures'

If a deal is not made by the Summer, the fallout could result in a global economic crisis. Since 1960 Congress has raised, extended or revise

Saudi Arabia Is Open To Discuss Non-Dollar Oil Trade Settlements

Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest crude oil exporter, is open to discussing oil trade settlements in currencies other than the U.S. dollar.