Former President Trump told YouTuber Logan Paul that there "could be" alien life forms that have visited Earth, but that he is not a serious believer himself.

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Court orders ex-Trump White House aide Bannon to report to prison

A federal court in Washington, D.C., ordered former Trump White House aide Steve Bannon to prison, ending bid and appeals process that he sta

Trump Questions Whether ‘Unusually Beautiful’ Taylor Swift Is ‘Legitimately Liberal’

Former President Donald Trump pondered whether singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is actually liberal.

Sanctuary City Mayor Says Migrant Crisis Is ‘Unsustainable’ As He Kicks Them Out Of Shelters

Johnson defended his decision to evict migrants out of shelters, despite the city's sanctuary city status and his own efforts to protect sanc

Biden signs 10-year defense pact with Ukraine, greasing its path to NATO membership

The agreement says Ukraine is on its way to joining NATO, which would upgrade America's proxy war into a direct confrontation with Russia per

Pete Buttigieg claims Pride flag symbolizes 'love,' flag praising Jesus is 'insurrectionist symbology'

On Wednesday, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said, when talking about a recording of Supreme Cout Justice Samuel Alito's wife wantin

NY Rep Calls On Governor Hochul To Pardon Trump

A House Republican from upstate New York is calling on her state’s Democratic governor, Kathy Hochul, to pardon Donald Trump after the former

Tom Brady Delivers Anti-Woke Speech Celebrating Football

Tom Brady has joined the mainstream sports media. However, if they expect him to join their crusade to cancel football, they can forget it.

Disney’s new 'gayest Star Wars ever' features lesbian witches using the force to get pregnant

Twins Osha and Mae learn that they were “created” by the head of the coven and “carried” by another woman within the group.

Lia Thomas' Olympics dreams dashed after legal challenge to World Aquatics' transgender policy fails

Lia Thomas' push for World Aquatics to overturn its policy on transgender swimmers was blown up on Wednesday. The Court of Arbitration for Sp

Hunter Biden found guilty on all three counts in federal gun trial, says he is 'disappointed'

President Joe Biden promised to respect the outcome of the trial in a short statement released following the verdict.

Gender dysphoria and eating disorders have skyrocketed since pandemic, report reveals: ‘Ripple effects’

Mental health diagnoses in children have skyrocketed since the pandemic — led by gender dysphoria and eating disorders, according to a new re

Trump Questions Whether ‘Unusually Beautiful’ Taylor Swift Is ‘Legitimately Liberal’

Former President Donald Trump pondered whether singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is actually liberal.

‘Are We There Yet?’: Prominent Pollster Wonders If Dumping Biden Now Could Save Dems From Trump In 2024

Silver on Monday questioned whether President Joe Biden dropping out of the presidential race now could give Democrats the best chance of def

Alex Jones files to liquidate assets after Sandy Hook families reject $55 million settlement

Infowars owner Alex Jones was ordered to pay the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting $1.5 billion.

Netanyahu Set to Address Joint Session of U.S. Congress

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to address a joint session of Congress on July 24 at the behest of U.S. congressional leaders