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NEWS RELEASE: Donald Trump Jr., American Freedom Tour to visit Jacksonville

The event will be over two days on Friday Oct. 8 and Saturday Oct. 9 at the Prime Osborn Center.

Leftist School Boards Association Begs Biden To Use Domestic Terrorism Laws To Target Concerned Parents

The leftist National School Boards Association is begging President Joe Biden to use domestic terrorism laws to target parents who oppose ant

Americans Being “Shamed” Into Getting Vaccinated by CDC Callers

Bev Foley claims she was told she was on an unvaxxed list.

Will A Vaccine Mandate Trigger The Great Resignation?

President Joe Biden’s wide-ranging vaccine mandate will affect tens of millions of U.S. workers, but experts, labor unions and business group

Chaplains ordered to interrogate Guardsmen seeking COVID vaccine exemption

Religious, athletic and medical professionals in North America are facing increasing pressure to not only get vaccinated against COVID-19, bu

Biden’s Promise to Unite Us Was False. He Hasn’t Even Tried.

President Joe Biden’s administration is now defined by soaring COVID-19 numbers, a botched Afghanistan retreat, and millions of Americans who

DCCC Chair Said Stimulus Would Fuel School Reopenings. In His District, It Hasn’t.

Local officials blame school cancellations on enhanced unemployment benefits

NEWS RELEASE: American Freedom Tour Jacksonville Event Quickly Selling Out

We are urging everyone interested in attending this historic event to get their tickets now in order to avoid being left out.

‘Definitely’ More Americans Left Than Biden Claims, ‘I’m Appalled’

A volunteer working to evacuate Americans and Afghan allies from Afghanistan said that many more Americans are still trapped in the country t

FBI says murder rate increased nearly 30% in 2020

The U.S. murder rate increased nearly 30% in 2020, according to the FBI, making that the largest percentage increase in modern U.S. history w

House Republicans Just Voted To Draft Our Daughters – And GOP Senators Will Too

Forcing our daughters to sign up for mandatory conscription in an environment where they may now be sent directly to the frontlines is an app

Majority now believe that Joe Biden is kind of an idiot: Poll

President Joe Biden’s presidency is not going as smoothly as he probably hoped it would. Only 43% of respondents in a survey conducted betwe

NEWS RELEASE: ‘American Freedom Tour’ featuring Trump Jr., McEnany coming to Jacksonville

A speaking tour featuring Donald Trump Jr., former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and political commentators is coming to Jacks

Whitmer Says She Will End Statewide Mask Mandate, No Vaccine Passports

Democrat Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the state legislature have agreed on a budget proposal that bans health officials from forcin

‘Pay Your Fair Share’ Taxation Isn’t About Actual Fairness

President Joe Biden this week attempted to inject life into his ailing presidency by dragging out of the closet the hoariest of political cli

White House Aides Shout Down US Press Corps When British PM Suggests Taking Questions At Biden Meeting

White House aides shouted down American pool reporters who attempted to ask President Joe Biden about the crisis at the southern border, mult

'Buyer's remorse': Democrats face electoral headwinds in swing states as Biden's job approval sinks

President Joe Biden is facing a downturn with voters that could hurt Democrats in electoral races and collapse the party's congressional majo

RELEASE: “The American Freedom Tour” is Launching Nationwide, Featuring Donald Trump, Jr.

Two-day conferences will begin in Jacksonville, Florida October 8-9, 2021.

Biden's first border chief accuses administration of destroying security, misleading Congress

Rodney Scott warns Biden has created a "significant vulnerability ... for terrorists, narcotics smugglers, human traffickers and even hostile

Independent Source Confirms Authenticity of Damning Hunter Biden Emails

Two crucial emails included among the material reportedly taken from Hunter Biden’s laptop last year are genuine, according to new evidence p