Solar eclipse maps you need to study

Those curious about which portion of the sun will be blocked should consult this map.

Clearing Iraqi cities of explosives may take decades

The American military will help contractors and other officials locate unexploded bombs dropped by the coalition in Mosul.

El Chapo’s Drug Money May Be Too Dirty for Lawyers to Take

U.S. taxpayers will continue to pay for the defense of one of the world’s richest narco lords.

ISIS is clearly responsible for genocide

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said today that ISIS has committed genocide.

“Smart Guns” And SAGA

Smart guns can be hacked. In fact, just last week, a hacker rendered the technology in a leading smart gun completely useless.

ISIS operatives allegedly used eBay to fund terror operations

Operatives working for the self-proclaimed Islamic State allegedly used fake eBay transactions to move their money.

We should call evil by its name

Sen. Orrin Hatch: My brother didn't die fighting Hitler for Nazis to go unchallenged today.

3 things you didn't know about Prohibition on its 100th anniversary

One hundred years ago, by a bipartisan vote of 65 to 20, the U.S. Senate submitted to the states what became the 18th Amendment.

FBI: Teen sold bomb threats

Israeli arrested for sending more than 100 threatening messages

NASA issues safety warning for solar eclipse

The eclipse, which is the first total eclipse in the Lower 48 since 1979, will take place Aug. 21 and will last two hours and 38 minutes.

They Don't have to tell you

The FBI published the final rule this week.

How to stop robocalls to your cellphone

The federal and state “Do Not Call” lists are supposed to protect people from unwanted calls.

How one Texas parent is trying to solve a growing problem

No organization existed for higher-functioning autistic adults .

Kim's moneyman reveals smuggling operation

Defector who was Kim's moneyman reveals smuggling operation that keeps dictator and his cronies rich.

Baby boomers are no longer majority of American voters

Millennials, Gen Xers overtake Baby Boomers in voting.

The battle against human trafficking

The Abolish Human Trafficking Act inspires community of compassion for victims and punishes those who coerce and torture the innocent.

Could this be the worst owner in professional sports?

The Marlins Are Suing a Fan to Seize His Building

Family of brain-dead California girl fights to reverse death

The case adds to the debate over parents' right to choose childrens' medical treatment.