Rescind the Obamacare Rule Exempting Congress

Guess who is exempt.............

Could this be the worst owner in professional sports?

The Marlins Are Suing a Fan to Seize His Building

Family of brain-dead California girl fights to reverse death

The case adds to the debate over parents' right to choose childrens' medical treatment.

From the Rise of the Caliphate to the Fall of Mosul, One Family’s Journey

The damage left behind will take generations to heal.

The sad ballad of Pio the chicken and the long arm of the FDA

The long arm of the federal government killed Pio the chicken last month.

Sean Spicer's last appointment

No, I didn’t know his departure was imminent. The timing took me by surprise, but not necessarily the outcome.

California governor stops parole for Charles Manson follower

The governor’s decision came a week before the deadline.

She fled Iraq now she's training to be a U.S. Border Patrol agent

Shakare, a 23-year-old from Iraq, is one of three women in a class of 20 at the U.S. Border Patrol Academy in Artesia, New Mexico.

The man who wants to bring the BRAIN DEAD back to life

Scientist whose life's work will be used by U,S. company that's ready to start trials to 'reanimate living cadavers' in Latin America.

Put down that cellphone

Washington State Distracted-driving law is here. Using a handheld cellphone while driving, even at a stoplight, can soon lead to a $136 fine.

A real need for Asylum

Iraqi Christian nationals could face death if deported back to their home country.

Levinson family meets U.S. officials about man missing in Iran

The family of former FBI agent Robert Levinson has met with State Department officials about efforts to find him.

A monkey took a selfie.

PETA says he owns the copyright. A curious monkey with a toothy grin and a knack for pressing a camera button is back in court.

Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers forced to advertise abortion

Pregnancy centers found out of compliance could be slapped with a $500 citation for a first-time offense and a $1,000 per-offense after.

Wonder Woman: A Conservative and (Demi-) Religious View of the Human Race

A superhero genre to give us a meditation on mankind at its worst but also at its best.

The quest to uncover truth about immigrant deaths from 1832

Could have been vigilante group that murdered them out of fear and prejudice against the Irish.

Remembering the summer of 1977

The New York blackout 40 years later.Most New Yorkers responded to the crisis with resilience. It brought out the best and the worst.

Congressmen Propose Idea That Just Might Save Charlie Gard’s Life

Two U.S. congressmen proposed a potential solution that would reinstate Chris Gard and Connie Yates’ right to choose what’s best.

Blue Whale Challenge: Parents be aware

Ghoulish online game urges young people to end their lives

Woman is left dangling on border wall after being abandoned by smugglers

A Mexican woman was left dangling on a border wall and had to be rescued by U.S. officials after being abandoned by smugglers.