YouTube Suspends Trump for a Week, following Facebook and Twitter Ban

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YouTube announced on Tuesday night that it would suspend President Trump’s account for at least seven days, joining other tech platforms that have banned Trump.

The string of bans come after the president incited a mob of his supporters to march on Capitol Hill on January 6, while Congress was certifying the results of the election. The mob overwhelmed police and breached the Capitol, forcing lawmakers to evacuate. Dozens of police officers were injured by pro-Trump rioters, including one officer who later died of his injuries, and one rioter was shot and killed.

YouTube said it would temporarily suspend Trump’s channel after he uploaded videos that the company asserted could incite violence. The videos appeared to claim that Democrats “stole” the election and expressed support for the pro-Trump mob, The Wall Street Journal reported.

YouTube, which is owned by Google parent company Alphabet Inc., also said comments to videos on Trump’s channel would be suspended indefinitely.

YouTube by is licensed under Unsplash License