We owe it to the poor to exit the Paris Climate Treaty

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The scientific godfather of modern global warming alarmism, James Hansen, has called the Paris Climate Agreement “a fraud really, a fake …. It’s just worthless words.”

What Dr. Hansen is referring to is that the agreement is so weak, that it amounts to all pain for no climate gain. So why shouldn’t the U.S. remain in the Agreement, and help make it stronger? Because the more effective it is, the more painful it will be.

Right now, the Agreement is just feel-good rhetoric, giving the illusion that we are “doing something” about climate change. But even if you believe climate change is (1) a serious threat, and (2) entirely the fault of humans, we have a problem in fixing it.

Human health and prosperity depend upon access to affordable energy. Unfortunately, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and its 2015 Paris Climate Treaty, will hurt the human condition by making that energy much more expensive.

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