Watch: Israeli Precision Bombing Pounds Gaza Terror Tunnels

Gaza Tweet Screengrab by N/A is licensed under Twitter

The Israeli military unleashed another heavy wave of airstrikes late Monday into Tuesday morning across the Gaza Strip, demolishing a host of terrorist tunnels and the homes of nine Hamas commanders. Sixty-two fighter jets dropped 110 “guided armaments” on 65 targets in the retaliatory strikes.

The precision aerial bombing destroyed the five-story building housing the Hamas-run Religious Affairs Ministry, a building Israel said housed the main operations center of Hamas’ internal security forces.

Hamas terrorists also fired volleys of rockets into southern Israel overnight by way of a response, however “their attacks have slowed in recent days as the Israeli military has pummeled their underground tunnel networks and launch sites,” the Washington Post reported.

“The Israeli military said 62 fighter jets had dropped 110 ‘guided armaments’ on 65 targets, including Hamas commanders, rocket launchpads and the militant group’s tunnel network.”

Gaza Tweet Screengrab by N/A is licensed under Twitter