Virginia Dems Pushing Gun Control. 91% Of Virginia Counties Tell Them To Stick It.

Constitution by US Air Force Graphic is licensed under Public Domain
Despite the efforts of Democrats in Virginia who have plans to interfere with the Second Amendment rights of the state’s citizens, on Monday night Fauquier County and Charles City County both voted to become “sanctuary counties,” bringing the total of “sanctuary counties” in Virginia to 87, representing 91% of the counties in Virginia.

Two Virginia counties have discussed the issue but not yet taken any action: Chesterfield County and Essex County, while two counties have said they will not become Second Amendment sanctuaries: Albemarle and Loudoun.

According to WTOP, “Neither a ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’ designation nor a ‘Constitutional County’ holds legal weight, and Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring has signaled these resolutions will have no effect on what laws the General Assembly passes and enforces in 2020.”

University of Virginia Professor Rich Schragger told WSLS, “What they can do as a practical matter is quite limited. There is some room for local police departments and local officers to use their discretion with the laws, and that was the same thing with sanctuary cities in terms of immigration policy. Mostly, declaring yourself a Second Amendment sanctuary is more of a symbolic statement.” He added, “It’s a form of political resistance. It’s similar to when urban communities have made statements in the other direction for gun control. I’m not surprised; It’s a form of political action.”
Constitution by US Air Force Graphic is licensed under Public Domain