Tucker Carlson: The Michael Flynn case was a setup from the start. How many other lives have the FBI destroyed?

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If you were paying any attention to the news Thursday afternoon -- and we suspect you were -- you know there is a passionate debate underway right now among political partisans over the Justice Department's decision to drop the case against General Michael Flynn. They are screaming.

But there shouldn't be a debate because there actually isn't a debate about why the case was dropped. We already know. DOJ officials explained it in detail. Read the filings; it's worth it. They're online.

Clearly, almost nobody commenting on the case has read them, and they should. The documents are shocking, not to Republicans or Democrats, but to Americans.

We've outlined much of what we knew about the Flynn case in previous segments on "Tucker Carlson Tonight," how a corrupt FBI official called Peter Strzok decided to derail Mike Flynn, using any means necessary. At one point, Strzok considered charging Flynn under something called the Logan Act. The Logan Act is a 220-year old law that in the entire span of American history has never been used to convict a single person. In fact, no one has even been indicted under the Logan Act since before the Civil War.
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