Trump's TRUTH Social appears on Apple App Store

Former President Donald Trump's TRUTH Social appears to be widely available on Apple's App Store, not just to Americans who pre-ordered it.

The app appeared just before midnight, ahead of the schedule FOX Business previously reported. A source familiar with the rollout had told FOX Business Sunday that the company is operating under a staged-approach, and explained that TRUTH Social will populate with new users who pre-ordered the app over the next 10 days. Those who pre-oredered the app from the Apple Store would be able to access it at midnight.

The app includes features such as a custom profile, a search tool, video capabilities, messaging, and a dark mode, according to its link on the App Store.

In the last week, TRUTH Social has welcomed a number of prominent users, including influencers, politicians and celebrities—as well as Americans who were first in line to pre-order the app through the Apple App Store.

So far, the app’s prominent users include Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Dan Bongino, Turning Point USA Founder Charlie Kirk, rapper Kodak Black, country music singer Travis Tritt and more.
FOX Business first reported earlier this month that the platform will be fully operational by the expected end-of-quarter launch date.

Sources told FOX Business that TMTG is not relying on any traditional big tech companies for infrastructure needs, sources said, but rather on its cloud services partnership with Rumble.