Trump Impeachment Trial Begins

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Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial will begin Tuesday, with Democrats set to argue that the Constitution permits them to impeach the former president for committing “incitement of insurrection,” despite his having left office.

Democrats will attempt to pin the pro-Trump rioters’s actions on the 45th president, arguing that his rhetoric in the hours before — and in the months leading up to — the electoral-vote count on January 6 stirred up supporters and led them to storm the Capitol. The unrest left five people dead, including one Capitol Hill police officer. 

Senate leaders are expected to reach an agreement that would allow each side up to 16 hours to present their cases, beginning on Wednesday at noon — a decrease from the 24 hours each side was allotted for Trump’s first impeachment trial. 

The organizing resolution being negotiated by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell would also allow for an option to hold a debate and a vote to call on witnesses should the House managers seek to do so, according to CNN. 

Chuck Schumer by Senate Democrats is licensed under