Trump defends supporters who swarmed Biden bus and tells FBI to investigate antifa instead

President Trump defended a group of his supporters under investigation for allegedly swarming a Joe Biden surrogates bus.

On Friday, a group of Texas Democrats rallying on behalf of Biden was forced to cancel a campaign event after Trump supporters allegedly created unsafe driving conditions. After the group, which included Wendy Davis, who is running against incumbent Republican Chip Roy for the 21st Congressional District; Democratic Rep. Lloyd Doggett, who represents the 35th Congressional District; and Roland Gutierrez, a candidate for Texas Senate District 19, had to cancel an event, the FBI released a statement saying their San Antonio office is “aware of the incident” and is “investigating.”

Two days later, the president tweeted that his supporters, who allegedly hit another car while trying to surround the bus of Biden surrogates, are "patriots" who "did nothing wrong." He also said that "the FBI & Justice should be investigating the terrorists, anarchists, and agitators of ANTIFA, who run around burning down our Democrat run cities and hurting our people!"

A day earlier, Trump retweeted a clip of the vehicles with Trump paraphernalia driving around the Biden bus with the caption, "I LOVE TEXAS!"