Trump calls for peace

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President Trump called for peace Wednesday, and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy condemned protesters who breached the Capitol Hill complex, calling their actions "unacceptable" and "un-American."

"First of all, this is so un-American," McCarthy told Fox News. "I condemn any of this violence that's happening in the Capitol right now. I could not be sadder or more disappointed with the way our country looks at this very moment. People are getting hurt. Anyone involved in this, if you're hearing me, if you're hearing me loud and clear: This is not the American way. This is not protected by the First Amendment. This must stop now. As a nation, we've got to come together. This is so unacceptable. What I see happening at this very moment. We can disagree, but we do not take it to this level. We don't do what is happening right now."

On the call, McCarthy confirmed reports that shots had been fired on Capitol Hill but said that he had no information about where the shots took place or whether anyone was injured.

"I'm with capitol police," McCarthy said. "I heard on the radio 'shots fired.'"

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