Trauma for liberals as states drop mask mandates

Mask by Dev Asangbam is licensed under Unsplash

New York is lifting its mask mandate for vaccinated people in most locations on Wednesday. It will join New Jersey and Connecticut in easing the bulk of its remaining COVID-19 restrictions on businesses the same day. Massachusetts will follow suit on May 29.

With vaccination rates rising, blue states are gradually embracing masklessness and reopening, in accordance with revised guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that were issued last week. “We have to get back to life and living — and we have to do it the way New Yorkers do it,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced from an empty Radio City Music Hall.

There’s just one problem — will rank-and-file liberal voters in these states go along?

Polling showed throughout the pandemic that liberals and Democrats were more worried about the virus. A Quinnipiac poll taken last March as the outbreak was beginning found that two-thirds of Democratic voters were concerned about the coronavirus disrupting their lives, while nearly 6 in 10 Republicans said the opposite.

Mask by Dev Asangbam is licensed under Unsplash