The FBI probe you haven't heard about

  • 05/24/2017
  • Press Corp
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There's a big story going on right now involving the FBI, the White House, and potential criminal activity.

And no, this one has nothing to do with President Donald Trump's firing James Comey. Rather, the story has the chance to be just as politically damaging as the messy ouster of the former FBI director, even though you probably haven't heard a whisper of it in the mainstream media.

Here are some of the particulars:
  1. A year ago, Vermont's Burlington College was forced to shut its doors after finding itself unable to meet the obligations of a big loan it took out to fund a campus expansion.
  2. Much of that debt was incurred during the tenure of then-president Jane O'Meara Sanders, the wife of none other than former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, Vermont's senator and a progressive icon.
  3. This month, Burlington's board of trustees president confirmed to the Burlington Free Press that the Department of Justice and FBI have been looking into the entire loan approval process for more than a year, amid allegations of fraud.

Intrigued yet?

A key focus of the investigation, according to extensive reporting by the Vermont Journalism Trust's VTDigger, is the question of whether Jane Sanders and Burlington College deliberately gave misleading information about how much donor money was coming in to the institution. 

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