The Fallacy Behind Biden as the 'Make America Normal Again' Guy

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While the column presents Biden’s MAN-ic theme as a comforting proposition, Americans should want nothing to do with Creepy Joe’s version of “normal.”

Is Biden going to bring back the “new normal” of anemic economic growth, persistently high unemployment, and the erosion of the American manufacturing base that we experienced the last time he was in the White House? You know, the one where some jobs “are just not going to come back” and we just have to accept that China makes all our stuff?

If that’s what Biden has in store for us, then it’s better if we don’t go back to a “normal” America. I prefer greatness, thank you very much — and as President Donald Trump has shown, achieving greatness requires a complete rejection of the Obama-Biden version of “normal.”

By taking the exact opposite approach of Biden, Trump has brought GDP growth back above 3 percent, pushed the unemployment rate to a 50-year low, revived our manufacturing sector and held China to account for its long history of trade abuses.
Obama Ruins by N/A is licensed under N/A