Suspected Portland Shooter Claimed He is ‘100% Antifa’ On Social Media

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Michael Forest Reinoehl, the suspect in a fatal shooting during another violent and chaotic night in Portland Saturday, is reportedly “100% antifa” and previously accused of bringing a loaded gun to a protest held in early July.

Reinoehl is the prime suspect in a homicide investigation into the death of Aaron Danielson, “a supporter of the conservative group Patriot Prayer.” Danielson’s death, caught on livestream, came just minutes after a group of pro-Trump supporters clashed with antifa protestors in downtown Portland. Multiple antifa protestors celebrated Danielson’s death as the death of a “Nazi” and a “fascist.”

Reinoehl was identified “by a distinctive tattoo on his neck of a ‘black power’ fist and by a family member who had seen videos of the shooting.