Socialism Declining in Europe as Populism Support Grows

Boris Johnson by is licensed under Flickr creative commons license 2.0
The Independent, a news website that was once a printed newspaper before falling on hard times earlier this decade catalogues a decade of calamity for the left in Europe in Socialism Declining in Europe as Populism Support Grows.

In the end-of-decade roundup, the fortunes of traditional left-wing parties across the continent, taking in Labour’s historic defeat in the United Kingdom, the rock-bottom popularity of the Social Democrats in Germany, and the flatlining Emmanuel Macron in France.

Noting “It was a bad year to be any kind of socialist in Europe”, the review ruminated on the decline of socialism:

A decade ago, the prime ministers of Britain, Spain, Greece and even Hungary were from the centre-left. Many went on to swiftly lose power, but then socialist governments emerged in France and Italy. Now the political brand looks like an anachronism.