Senator Rand Paul Confronted FBI for Compiling Online User Data

Rand Paul by Jamelle Bouie is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Earlier this month, Reclaim the Net covered Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s confrontation of FBI Director Christopher Wray about FBI’s alleged collusion with social media companies and whether the FBI compiles private information to identify users. 

“Is Facebook or any other social media company supplying private messages or data on American users that is not compelled by the government or the FBI?” Paul questioned Wray. “No warrant, no subpoena, they’re just supplying you information on their users?”

“I don’t believe so, but I can’t sit here and be sure of that as I sit here,” Wray responded.

“Can you give us a yes or no by going back to your team and asking? Because it’s a very specific question. Because if they are, it’s against the law,” Paul inquired, alluding to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986. “This was done to protect the privacy of people so we could feel like we can send an email or direct message to people without having that information given over. It’s a very specific question: Will you get with your team of lawyers and give us a specific answer? Because this is the law. If you’re doing it, then we need to go to court to prevent you from receiving this information.”


Rand Paul by Jamelle Bouie is licensed under CC BY 2.0