Second Night Of Looting, Vandalism Escalates In Philadelphia Following Fatal Police Shooting

Fog of War by Derek Simeone is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Philadelphia suffered another night of violence, looting, and chaos Tuesday, just a week before the presidential election.

The first round of riots began on Monday night after police shot and killed Walter Wallace Jr., a black man, for advancing toward them while holding a knife despite officer orders to drop the weapon. The incident, which was captured on video, sparked riots throughout the city leaving at least 30 police officers injured.

Despite pleas from members of Wallace’s family to stop the violence, the looting and chaos in the name of Black Lives Matter continued on Tuesday. Police in riot gear were deployed to the area but could not contain the approximately 1,000-person mob of looters and instead asked people to avoid certain areas of the city.


While “several hundred” members of the Pennsylvania National Guard were supposed to be deployed to the affected areas in Philly on Tuesday evening after Philadelphia County requested their presence, some reporters on the ground say that they did not see any National Guard and that the situation was out of the control of law enforcement.

Fog of War by Derek Simeone is licensed under CC BY 2.0