Second day of protests as Venezuelans vie to tip balance

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Wary Venezuelans emerged on the streets of the nation’s capital Wednesday waving their nation’s tricolor flag and banging pots and pans, hoping to drum up momentum after opposition leader Juan Guaidó’s bold attempt to spark a military uprising that has thus far failed to tilt the balance of power.

Thousands gathered to demand President Nicolas Maduro’s ouster in what could be another critical day in the nation’s struggle between Maduro’s widely detested socialist government and Guaidó’s opposition movement, backed by powerful allies like the United States but unable to secure the loyalty of key factions, including the military.

The dramatic events that led to violent clashes Tuesday between protesters and troops loyal to the embattled president seemed to indicate that there was no quick end in sight to the nation’s protracted power struggle. Guaidó’s plans largely appeared to have floundered as high-ranking defections failed to materialize.

“I don’t want to say it was a disaster, but it’s wasn’t a success,” Marilina Carillo, 54, said, standing in a crowd of people blowing horns and whistles.
venezuela by N/A is licensed under N/A