Rep. Dan Crenshaw Campaign Paid Firm That Employs His Wife

Republican Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw’s campaign has paid a small agency that employs his wife hundreds of thousands of dollars since 2020, according to Federal Election Commission (FEC) records reviewed by the Daily Caller.

The firm, Pink Cilantro, is a boutique branding agency based in Houston, Texas. The agency’s website, in service since 2013, went offline as recently as June, according to the internet archive called “The Wayback Machine.” Pink Cilantro’s owner, Basya Benshushan, told the Caller that they are in the process of “rebranding” the agency and that’s why the website is down.

Since 2020, Crenshaw’s campaign has paid Pink Cilantro more than $350,000. A Crenshaw spokesperson confirmed to the Caller that Tara Crenshaw is still an employee of Pink Cilantro but said her work is separate from the work the agency does for Crenshaw’s campaign.