Portland Rioters Smash Windows, Set Fires on Anniversary of George Floyd’s Death

Car on fire by Flavio Gasperini is licensed under Unsplash

Portland police declared a riot on Tuesday night amid a demonstration marking the anniversary of the death of George Floyd.

Roughly 200 people gathered at the Multnomah County Justice Center, and some lit a dumpster on fire while people in the crowd chanted “burn the building down.” Others began scrawling graffiti on the courthouse and throwing mortar-style fireworks, glass bottles, and metal spikes at police.


Police declared the gathering an unlawful assembly, at which point the crowd moved on to Portland City Hall and began smashing windows. Police then declared a riot and ordered the crowd to disperse, although many people continued through downtown Portland and smashed windows of various businesses.

“Slowly, as the number of people in the crowd became smaller and smaller, they began to spread out, fight among themselves and light occasional trash can fires,” the Portland Police Bureau said on Wednesday. “People within the crowd were overheard saying the night was a success.”

Car on fire by Flavio Gasperini is licensed under Unsplash