POLL: Hispanics Support for the Democratic Party has Plummeted by 50% in Last Decade

According to a recently released NBC/Telemundo poll, Hispanic support for the Democratic party has fallen by 50% in the last decade.

Mark Murray, a senior political editor at NBC News, posted a tweet about the results. For perspective, in 2012, Hispanics were in favor Democratic control in Congress over Republicans by a steep margin of 42 points. However, in the current year, that margin narrowed to 21 points. 

Hispanics still favor the Democratic Party by a margin 54% to 33%. Nevertheless, it’s becoming clear that Democrats’ once total control of the Hispanic vote is beginning to slip.

This data is in line with a previous poll published by the New York Times/Siena College which pointed to a political realignment taking place among the electorate as college-educated whites are breaking towards the Democratic Party while working class minorities are drifting towards the GOP.