Olympic Games in for a rude awokening, focus on wrong kind of ‘race’

Olympics by Kyle Dias is licensed under Unsplash

The Olympic Games in Tokyo are doomed. Before the opening ceremony, before even the torch is lit, it’s not going to be OK. The Games, I’m afraid, just aren’t woke enough. Apologies to Tokyo and Japan — and #StopAsianHate and so on. But for the international left, sport no longer matters unless it can be used to win on Twitter and advance the War for Progress. 

Professional football can no longer be about the game. It must be a staging ground for raising awareness of racism and police brutality. Classrooms can no longer be about math and reading. They must be a nursery for implanting and implementing critical race theory. Now, the Olympics must be about anthems, swimming caps — and weed. 


Berry refused to face the flag on the podium and stood with a disinterested mope, before breaking out a T-shirt she had clearly preplanned for the event should she find herself on the winner’s podium. The fact she had not won the hammer event — she finished third — did not deter her. 


She did, however, trend to the top of Twitter. Several American media outlets lavished praise on her. ESPN ran a full front-page splash — not on the winner of the competition, DeAnna Price, who broke her own world record in the hammer to qualify for the Olympic team. The story, the drama, the viral element was Gwen Berry. 

Olympics by Kyle Dias is licensed under Unsplash