Obama Fundraiser Arrested For Paying Hush Money To Underage Sex Victim

Barack Obama by Pete Souza is licensed under Public Domain
Bean, who was indicted in January for the rape of an underage boy in September 2013, has been a long time donor to various Democrat political campaigns, including co-founding the Human Rights Campaign.

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: This most recent arrest charges Bean with a felony computer crime for paying off the victim of said romp to stay quiet and not testify when Bean was preparing to go to trial over the sex abuse charges. Also arrested and implicated in the computer crime is his former defense attorney, Derek Ashton.

The Oregonian reports:

Portland real estate developer Terry Bean was arrested Wednesday afternoon on an accusation that he committed a felony computer crime by allegedly paying off a teenager who had been set to testify against him in a sex abuse case.

Bean’s arrest followed the arrest earlier Wednesday of his former criminal defense attorney, Derek Ashton, on an identical computer crime charge. The prosecution has said in court documents that Ashton carried out the deed for Bean.
Barack Obama by Pete Souza is licensed under Public Domain