NYT: Democrats See Biden Dragging Their Campaigns Down and One Has a Monstrously Stupid Take on It

President Joe Biden’s approval rate is plummeting so fast that it’s scaring other Democrats into believing that their campaigns will be dragged down with it.
According to New York Times, three dozen governorships are up for grabs, including in highly valued battleground states, but with Biden’s popularity on a very steep downtrend, Democrats are getting nervous…
…very nervous.

At a fundraising event in Florida, several Democrat governors and their donors confessed that they’re well aware of the voters turning their backs on Democrats, and hope that the State of the Union on Tuesday evening will help bump approval points up and grease the wheels for Democrats to be reelected.

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper acknowledged things are dim but see the potential for improvement for the left’s situation.

“The environment is not where we want it to be right now,” said Cooper. “But I believe it’s going to get substantially better.”

There’s a lot of doubt about that among the American people, and repeated polls tell us that a lot of that comes from the fact that Democrats have made themselves horrifically out of touch by keeping to a strict ideological bubble.