You've been called. Will you stand up for conservative values?

  • 05/04/2017
  • Press Corp
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You can’t expand conservatism unless you expand the number of conservatives in elected office.

And you can’t expand the number of conservatives in elected office by sitting around doing nothing.

So go here right now to help constitutional conservative Mike Hill win in Florida.

Mike Hill isn’t just conservative.

Mike Hill is a conservative leader.
One of the strongest conservatives in the Florida State House, he is seeking a seat in the state senate.
Hill has been rated 100% by conservative groups like Americans for Prosperity Florida and the American Conservative Union, and 0% by liberal groups Planned Parenthood and Fund Education Now.

He stood up to the GOP Establishment by opposing the expansion of Medicaid and the implementation of ObamaCare.

And he leads the conservative movement both inside and out of the state capitol.

Hill served as President of the Northwest Florida Tea Party from 2010 to 2013, after graduating from the Air Force Academy and serving a decade on active duty.

You don’t get conservative policies unless you elect conservatives.

And you don’t elect conservatives unless YOU take action.

Go here right now to help Mike Hill by chipping in just $5, or whatever you feel you can afford.

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